A highlight from 705: For All Mankind S2E9 Review: 'Triage'



Where human beings with a blood of million savage years. We can stop it. We can admit that where but we're not going to kill him. That's all takes knowing that we're not going to today. Welcome back to the four. All mankind review podcast here on the incomparable tv podcast. I'm jason snell. I'm joined as always by dan moore and dan. No don't point that gun at me. No vigia jason. Please put gunned down. This is a season two episode nine triage as we barrel toward the end of season. Two of roman kind and homeboy a lot. A lot of hapless. Let us some up. Jason but wait. There's too much going on a lot of bad stuff a lot. A lot of bad stuff is happening. It's just bad stuff bad space but not as we know it. Well if you think back past the shocking cliffhanger to the beginning of this episode it starts bad and it just keeps getting worse. We when we they reveal to Earth that yes indeed. Webster says yeah. I just shot him. He didn't have any weapons. It turns out so we kinda we kinda messed that up and our bad. Yeah yeah and gordo. Tracy like she's shaking. It's very much like this combat for her that she hasn't really done before and he he's just give it time. How do we make the stop. Meanwhile tensions between the us and the soviets are ratcheting up. The soviets have declared that the next sea dragon launch. We'll have nuclear weapons on board so we will not allow it to reach the destination. Now everybody at nasa says there are no nuclear weapons on board. That would be stupid. But it's a pretense regardless baron has launched having fixed their own ring problem. Oh gee thanks margot c. I a. says that it's armed and it's going to the moon. So they are planning a lunar blockade and they're not going to allow the sea dragon resupply mission to land scoring jamestown base around him. Right just go around to basically big moon base. So he's my question to you. Do you honestly think there's new nuclear weapon these. I mean the general plays a little coy about it. I feel like it's weird because this more of this episode has that dichotomy of the military versus civilian where there's like well the military is doing all its parallel stuff and it's not reading the civilians in on any of it so right not out of the question that they're like no. There's no nuclear weapons. But it's unclear to me. I guess i read it as he didn't confirm or deny i i read it. That he was he was giving it the specific answer that was required and nothing else right. So it's the it's the well. No there are no nuclear weapons specifically on board like there may be all sorts of other terrible things that were sneaking on the russians will be mad about but what they're accusing us of is not the particular thing we're doing and i think i believe that only just in the sense that for pete's sake they just you know the best they've got so far is like four people with with rifles right. That's a heck of an escalation.

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