Remark Venture was in studio with me seven message yesterday. We're gonna talk about this. This is


Not going to prevent a virus once it's released into society, Okay, I've had it. I had back in December. Worst flu I've ever had. Headache. Youqing the whole 10 yards. Okay, I know have antibodies. I understand that there are people with underlying health conditions. That have died from this. But look at the statistical view and I'm going somewhere with us. The statistical view says. We have basically curd seasonal flu. Zero reports of it. Wait a minute. So you're telling me that now this is the evidence that this is a bit of a big lie. Because we're now crediting everything that happened flu symptom wise to cope in 19 and not to seasonal flu. And it goes back to the narrative that I had complained about six months ago when I was asking the public health Department can you tell me what the co morbidity is that are most severe so that we can protect those people. Hey. And the response that was, Oh, well, We're not tracking that. Why not? Well, because CDC doesn't doesn't require so I said, Okay, time out. You don't work for CDC. You work for us. I don't really give a damn. What CDC does or doesn't do is far a statistical analysis, but for us to know how to

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