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Making as many original movies original content. It's all remakes the stuff that came out when I was a child. That's where the video game franchises may be heading because it's like how many times you know Here's the thing it news ever. It's actually it's actually even worse than the Hollywood comparison. Because even when you do a remake, it's still new actors. It's new production. Like Like You're still making something new, But all the assets in the video game they're already made. It takes significantly less money. And effort to do a remake or a re master than it does to do something original, but they're probably still going to charge you 60 bucks for it. And guess what? We're still going to pay it. How many? How many copies of final fancy seven You think I own because it's down to like with the last of us, right? Joel and Ellie are still gonna look like Jolan, Ellie. They may like, be nicer looking character models or whatever. It's gonna be the same story Beats like by the way you you don't have to repay the voice actors when you re release a game really, because they get paid for the first time they recorded it. In most cases, they do not get stuff like residuals. And since that's already been recording, they reuse it. It's so much cheaper voice actors need to look into the contract. That's the whole thing. So would you guys his attitude toward this whole situation? Changed if maybe they announced uncharted was actually gonna be the game. They're gonna remain not really like I think it's just more remake. Garbage man like I want. I can't always be like, give me all new games that you guys would rather than, say. Here's the last of US three.

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