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Aware of you from your blog. Spit bucket so welcome to the podcast amber before we dive into a bit of a discussion about virtual wine events. 'cause now seems like time. I wanted to allow our listeners to get to know you a bit so maybe you could give us a little bit of background. How you got into wide into the industry. Sure thank you very much for. Have manse pleasure hair the i. I'm just geek run. I grew up in missouri in the united states where my grandfather had several restaurants and it's always a right of passage to work in the family business and so that was my first exposure and it was really kind of through history that ramiah was started looking at labels like oh this has ties to charlemagne and missouri has a lot of wine history augusta. Aba first aba for napa charles. Riley joins husband to helped discover the cause of locks a so. It was a history that kinda suck me but you know like in restaurants you get kinda sick of it and you lied and side that far off to school ended other things until of all places at caught in disney world in orlando brought me back to. Why go into the little pavilions there in it's totally gimmicky. And but it was just kinda cool with the Italian pavilion had italian wines. And italian food. The german billion german winds german food and cultural link just kinda re ignited that passion and so i did allow geeks due to start getting wind books. Jancis robinson wine course the wine bible and discovered wikipedia this mid mid two thousand. That was really big. And i got involved in the wikipedia wine project and so most of those early wine articles that were written over eight hundred some odd articles on cabernet chardonnay berlow. I was a big part of writing those. Yeah it's definitely one of the things that i became like slowly aware of. Just like through osmosis. Whenever you like google something you go to the wiki page and your name would just be that like every single time. I found an entry. That's kind of how. I came to spit bucket. So maybe did that. Did wicky come first. And then it sort of evolved into the blog did. Yeah i love. Being part of the which pedia wine project username. agni twenty-seven is what you were probably seeing. Would you got a lot of issues. There's a lotta cynicism and a lot of toxic in community around like twenty fourteen. I just got really burnt out. And so just left that. But i did miss the writing and that avenue of taking the wind knowledge in breaking down and then regurgitating it. And so that's when i started the blog It really didn't take off until a couple years later with that under the book name but it would really did come out of encyclopedia. Yeah being out to like kroft urine space where you could set the tone and the parameters what was going on and actually. That's something i particularly enjoyed about. Your writing. is your on estate. Aikido employees punches. Your very clear. Instinctual complete geek. Which i love but you also honest and you're not afraid of sharing your opinion have you. I think in the industry quite often as a lot of backlash for that particular women as probably a lot of people have seen particularly recently. Is that something that kind of came across. When you're writing. Is that something you've had to deal with. 'em how have you managed that i mean definitely hit some of those issues with the backlash and i am very privileged so in that. i've got nowhere near as bad as a lot of other women and it is so twisted that that's a privilege is a big believer in that. Sometimes we need to say out loud the things that are comfortable to say and it takes a voice to start doing that for other voices to go and a live has when i do that. I try to do it when it's very introspection of where my fallen short and being upfront and honest of i'm nowhere near as good of an alley as i could be to people of color as a woman you know. I my apology to the pretty instagram influencers is. I realized how. I've contributed to this toxic environment that affects us all and so i try as much as i can even know it gets uncomfortable at times to be honest and up front to hopefully allow other people to feel safe in that space to do that too. Yeah honesty is particularly impactful. I think because you're not just being honest about the industry but you're happy to be honest about yourself. And that priced about the apology to the instagram. The a really resonated with me. Because i saw so much of it myself and was like oh my god like i need to be calling out myself anew alike brave enough to do that and i loved reading the comments particularly on that pace because there are a lot of women who i know in the industry said yes. This reading needs to be said and this is a really strong piece of conflict in a lot of women in the industry and how we feel about position those of us who have privileged but also maybe those of us who died in yeah. I just found that price particularly profound your helpful. Anything i could do to move the conversation forward and as a blogger it you always have the trouble of. When there's a story that comes and angle that you don't want to say the same thing it's kind of it becomes an echo chamber.

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