Samsung Hosting Galaxy Unpacked Event on April 28


Samsung announced its next galaxy unpacked event for april twenty eighth at ten am eastern time. The event announcement promises. The most powerful galaxy is coming so conventional wisdom is that it's not a phone announcement and the image look slightly like a laptop new galaxy books. Perhaps maybe back. In march we talked about microsoft releasing patches for four newly discovered microsoft exchange vulnerabilities that were being actively exploited by an advanced persistent threat. Group believed to be half neom. The attackers were exploiting the vulnerabilities to install. Web shells web shells give them access to targeted networks. The patches closed the vulnerability but of course wouldn't remove the web shell once it was installed so tuesday. The us department of justice announced it received approval from a court in houston to copy and remove web shells from hundreds of microsoft exchange email servers. Now they didn't get all of them out there but they got a bunch of the fbi conducted the removal by accessing the web. Shell and issuing a command to the servers to remove it. The method only removed web shells. That did not remove any other malware. That might have been installed through the use of the shell. It's something amazon announced. Second generation echo buds. Which are twenty percent smaller than the originals. I four rated an offer twice as much noise. Cancellation as the originals. Although they no longer use bose's active noise cancelling technology. The new wireless headset ships may thirteenth for one hundred nineteen dollars. Ninety nine cents with a usb charging case or one hundred thirty. Nine ninety nine with a wireless charging case. Tcl announced the six point. Six seven inch twenty pro five g android phone which features it's in display. Fingerprint reader is coming to italy portugal and the uk for five hundred forty nine euros and eventually to the united states though. They didn't give pricing a date for that yet. Budget versions the twenty l. and twenty l. plus also coming to those countries without five g or wireless charging that's why the budget and tcl announced its combined. Foldable and rollable phone tablet concept. That seeing that talked about back in march is called the fold roll like with a little end with an apostrophe mark. The folded roles still no plans for release on that yet just concept

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