What's Your Feeding Personality?


Go through this parenting personalities. Note that i'll pick names of celebrities but he has absolutely nothing to do with their personalities. I promise is shirts for a bit of fun to help you. Identify with some of the different personalities that are associated with how we feed our showroom now the first style or personality. I want to talk to you about is righteous ranna. Now has a very strong belief about food and nutrition may be. She has strict rules about how to featuring she made it. Impossible at t's hungry right now. He just ate dinner or maybe she feels that kids shouldn't eat snacks or the shouldn't eat specific foods or she may have some preloaded behaviors and thoughts and beliefs about food. Like you must finish plate including all of your vegetables. Now that's right. Israel anna and please don't worry if matt sort of is the feeding personality that you identified with we all find ourselves in some of these personalities. It's just knowing that you may be swinging more to it. Ran and how you can change that. The next personality times cool indulgent isla. Now i hate confrontation so for example even at pizza sent for the menu day. She really worries that her child would go hungry when he refuses to eat dinner. So if her son or daughter says idaho one chicken and pat separate dinner. I want pizza then. Isla is more likely to say. Don't worry i'll make it right away. So indulgent isla is going to be catering to her child lights into slice and will always of a rescue meal.

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