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Guinn the producer of this wonderful show and karen and i decided to do something a little different this week. We're going to do a best of show. So they've gone back through the past hundred thirty shows. Yes one hundred thirty shows we have pick through from the best moments from past guests and this week we are focusing on sales mccullough show cheers to sales so you will hear some brilliant brilliant insights on what makes a salesperson how to higher sales people think about sales how to sell a service a product and even how to sell yourself. We had such a great time going back through these shows and karen. And i know you're gonna get something incredible out of this show and we hope you enjoy this to sales. Hey i'm karen. I'm a former. Cpa entrepreneur business consultant with big ideas. Welcome to cheers to business today. We have rim bartlett with irby group. He is the ceo ran. Thank you so much for joining the show today. Glad to be here. Thanks for having me. All you i hear are just guru at leading a team. I don't know about guru. But i've definitely felt a lot so if that qualified lever there's life lessons or painful doubt but yeah so for payroll about kennedy's looked in the past for sales people and they're hard to find. That's a god given talent to be able to sell state. Yeah it is. And we've definitely made fisher mistakes and hired some really bad sales people with that come a lot of lessons and i feel like we've got a good process dowdy and on how to do that. And it all starts with something that we learned from Gino wakeman's book traction in putting the right people in the right seat. So you know everything starts with us with a funnel and it starts with the disc test so the personality profile because that test is really able to identify somebody strengths and weakness and it's kind of a true tale of what areas. They're going to be strong. So there's like a perfect profile for a salesperson and then we look and after the person takes a quick test or the candidate takes a quick as we match that up against. What does that perfect cells profile low light for the disc test. And so it's a way that we can take two hundred. Applicants weighed him down to the top ten fit most closely and then kind of go into in person or own phone interview from their tomatoes. Life lessons. I'm bit myself from the but one time had a girl. Cutest can be great personality and she was there for payroll processing at try to make her salesperson. Yeah and if if they'll all over me that was i was a really big lifeless and right there You can't turn somebody into a salesperson. No you can definitely home the craft but you know they sell that they say the sales people aren't born they're made but i really do believe that it's hardwired in your dna. You have to have certain intangibles to be super success for top producer. I think god given what are some basic skills. Good salespeople naturally have. The biggest skill is attitude. I mean we. We hire for attitude and train for skill first and foremost And then after that closely behind that is coach ability. So if you're not coach able you know to be great in any area in life you have to be able to look at people who are above you elevated above you and learn from them so you know we we really are for attitude and coach ability but after that just some things that are hardwired into says you have to like people sales that you have to genuinely like people and be interested in them because when you can't kim become interested in relate to somebody you can bill report quick and from there you can make a connection and they trust you. You know you're never gonna get that amazing deal. We're never going to be able to sign the big clot without trust and you have to be a people person to build trust quickly with a stranger so you can move on to your next. You know to get the most giftable yeah down. Great salespeople are extremely hard to find and when you get one. They're always going to have their quirks. They're not gonna be they're going to be the one that's the premadonna are the one that wants every weekend off but you know we just do a good job of setting up front accountability and expectations and then benchmarks against performance. You know what's expected this week this year next year so on and so forth we have mary the she's a national sales speaker sales coach and a mentor to others. She's helping companies all over. The country increased their revenue by improving. Theirself in hey. Mary good morning. We know you can do at all. But what do you tell those small businesses that are searching for salespeople are. They're great at what they do but they're just not sales people.

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