A highlight from My Smallville Father John Glover


You're listening to inside of you with michael rosenbaum brian. Good day sir. Good day how are you doing Rough man rough doing okay. I could power through it as you guys know. I can't thank you enough for all the messages. You left me About my dog or had to put my dog down. It was look at one thing. I'll say i. I strongly recommend everybody. If they're ever going to put a dog down there. Buddy have someone come into the house and do it instead of going to the vet or someplace or the dog doesn't like and these uncomfortable. It's a cold table and it's leaving. It was nice to have someone here. It was incredibly hard watching him. Go on it was peaceful but it was just like all of a sudden. You've got this pump that you've been with forever. And then his head kinda lamp and he just lies there and he looks at and then they inject stuff and did off you. Just come out of you. They just just your flooded but i will tell you that As much as social media can be a pain in the ass and annoying The messages On twitter and instagram and the message board were just huge. My family my friends. You guys stepped up. Everybody stepped up. And it just really shows you. How much love there is in the world so that that helped me substantially but You know. I don't wanna talk every episode about the dog but Irv is He's my best buddy and You know you didn't like blanche. Mother dog she The next morning. I saw her laying on his spot pre past. He never does that. And i heard him a few times during the night. I don't know if i was hallucinating. Maybe it was the edibles you don't i don't really know the answer to that but Anyway he has gone. And he's with me and i love that dog and i got so many nice. You know celebrities. Also you know henry. Winkler gave a shout-out and dumb kevin conroy. Daddy johnny glover from smallville and love hewitt and Tricia helfer and just just everybody just poured it on and it was. It was a beautiful thing to see. How many people cared and took the time to message. So i will say that So thank you everybody out there for doing that. All my loveable patrons who are endless endless love their lionel richie song ryan. They're just endless. Love i want to announce stage at my band. You could see the shirt We are playing another stage at april twenty fourth. It's a saturday. The end of the month This one's for earth is the show and It's a two pm six pm pacific standard time show in two shows. Two pm and six pm are gonna play covers and originals and all that stuff you can go to stage at dot com and type in sun spin. Get yourself a ticket Also got a son. Spin dot com. Get yourself shirts. Lunchboxes hats coasters all that stuff and if you want any inside of you merge the inside of you store inside online online inside of you. Online store a lot of great stuff. There and Smallville stuff and a bunch of really cool things out guys really quickly. These guys aren't even a sponsor. But i love him so much. My good buddy mike borge. He's introducing eighty proof. Clear spirit made coconut nectar to the. Us it is amazing. It's called lamba. Nog like a mashup of lamb and they had been making this in the philippines for six hundred years. Mike is bringing it to the us. Now it's distilled from the nectar of the coconut flour. Nothing else has added to get a clear spirit and a bit of sweetness to smooth out any day with a sip of pop. Ajay's you get the brightness of intense sunshine you get the earth and salt of coral and volcanic soil and you get that salt sugar of the ocean from where it was made pop. Oj's lambo og of that guy. Check it out man. It's a little and pa company. And i'd like to see him do well. He's a good dude and gives me some free stuff and Yeah also if you want to Subscribe to the podcast or You know we go to the handles if you want to Follow us on twitter. Instagram instruments at inside a you. Pod cast and in saudi podcast on instagram and facebook and twitter at inside of you pod. It's right here so please follow us. And if you want to subscribe go to apple or you go to spa spotify or please go to youtube as well and subscribe to the show ryan inside of you. Mike rosenbaum on youtube. Please do that. Great show. I love having this guy in the podcast is the second time he's completely open and fun and I miss him dearly. He was my father and smallville. And i love him because he's not a pain in the ass. He doesn't after the show he just goes. Okay okay this guy just says whatever the fuck he wants and moves on and i love those guests not that i don't love the other guests to not they're listening to this episode so but Yeah there's that so without further ado. Let's get inside of the one and only john glover

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