Thailand's 3rd Wave Wreaks Havoc Across the Country


Is on the edge. With the third way the covert 19 spreading rapidly. The country had almost eradicated the virus for the second time when a cluster emerged this month in Bangkok's infamous nightclub district. More than 1000 choices now being reported every day, which isn't a lot compared with countries like India, but this new way of his health authorities concerned for other reasons. Southeast Asia correspondent Brazilian forward reports The streets are unusually quiet. People work from home schools, a shot. Restaurants and shops have reduced hours. Movement around the country is restricted on all bars are closed. This is life during Thailand's third and most serious wave of covert 19. This time, it's the highly infectious UK variant and it's spreading fast. Many people had effect with it even many off. My friend has been effect with that. Some off them has been hospitalized already so scary for me. Because it's everywhere. The outbreak began in Bangkok's nightclubs and has now reached every province. Many hospitals are almost full, and some have stopped testing because they've got no bids for new cases. Health authorities announced. Scrambling to build field hospitals use existing hotel quarantine rooms and moved asymptomatic patients home Hopefully within the next few days, one or two days. We can clear those back lock off infected patients. We still at home, so everybody's working very fast in order to taking care off being in the infected person, Dr. Tan Iraq play Pat is the director general of the Ministry of Public Health, he says with the widespread rollout of the vaccine, not starting until June. Thailand needs to get on top of this new wave Now, hopefully he would see that the situation would be under control in the next few few days or weeks. But if not, I believe that the cover is willing to apply mosque ringtone intervention tie. Red Cross workers have been on the ground through all three outbreaks. Program coordinator. Hunan U. N. Says people should be optimistic from my experience and from my belief that with the current situation and the current restriction measures in place the country would be able to succeed in bringing down the number off new cases. In coming days or weeks. A population of 70 million people will be hoping he's right. This is Miss Zoe forward in Bangkok reporting for a M in

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