Stella McCartney on the Business of Sustainable Design


This week. We hosted the bureau f. Professional summit focused on closing fashion sustainability gap the if that must planned around the sustainability index and finding solutions to some of the challenges our industry faces and addressing so many topics from workers rights to waste from watering chemicals to materials view. Professional members can watch all of the talks on demand at business of fashion dot com in the meantime here stella mccartney at the oth professional summit. Stella how are you first of all. I'm sorry well thank you. how are you. it's been a crazy year. I'm still trying to process everything that's happened. But we are here today. To talk about sustainability and this is actually the continuation of a conversation that you and i have been having for many many years. We created the o. F. sustainability index. Because we wanted to insert some real comparable data to help us an industry gauge and measure progress because of course without data We can't measure how things are changing. The index covers transparency emissions water and chemicals materials workers rights waste. You know things that you and i have spoken about over the years and i was really interested to learn and read more about the work that you're doing in return of agriculture and regenerative farming. The magic solution for sustainability is not any single thing and actually what are the most important things to understand about our index. Is that everything intersects. All of these categories are intersectional. So what we've created them as separate elements of our index. They're all interlinked. So in the first instance can you tell us and explain to us what regenerative agriculture is. And why it's so powerful and how it works. We only came to this way of farming thousands of years ago because we actually even then didn't know how to farm oviously. We didn't know that when we took some much from the soil and other farmed the land that it would have nothing left to give us that stage we realized and was obviously ruined. Matic moved on and we learnt sadly were in a day and age where we have to learn

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