Brooklyn Nets make waves for bringing Blake Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge to New York


It up. The Brooklyn Nets are now a quote super team. I mean, they kind of already were after they traded for James Harden earlier in the season, the pair with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, but now that they've acquired Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge via buyouts, the cynical MBA social media sphere is crying. Foul. This nonsense has to stop all your lies. Most have been hating hard on both Alders and Blakes is gained for claiming them washed up has been, But now that they can ride the coattails of the Nets Big three and potentially win a championship. It's unfair. Come on, then. That's your doing what any organization would do if given the opportunity, acquire as much talent as possible, and if they do win a championship?

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