Unpacking the Concept of 'Wellness Chasing'


So we are going to be talking about the concepts of wellness chasing and the nutrition jungle today. So you all have probably heard us or me. Talk about the nutrition jungle in some way or form on a lot of different episodes but we wanted to flush it out what is it. Why does it happen. Why are we so confused about nutrition. Information and the place at that conversation starts is with wellness chasing so christina. Take it away. Yes so we started talking about this a lot recently. Trying to describe When you're when you're constantly seeking out nutrition information at other wellness trends and a lotta times. It's attached to unlocking some piece of your health puzzle. A lot of times or like the overarching thing and sometimes you know we dig beneath the surface. A few layers. It's usually are weight ray. Because we interlock weight and health so deeply in our culture so we we started thinking about this more we thought you couple this icon of seeking out kind of mentality and picture someone like walking around round trying to pick up new information like a scavenger hunt and you have this strong value for holistic approaches to wellness which deny can obviously relate to or both of the integrative functional paradigm. So that's where we came from and so we get it in so we were kind of thinking about. You don't necessarily relate to dieting but wellness protocols. Things that are good for your. How are things that you really jive with what we call it wellness chasing because you're kind of jumping from trend or collecting all of this information along the way because you're trying to seek this elusive perfect

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