A highlight from #126: [Mentor Moment] Youre not my real mom!


This episode of the adoption connection podcast is sponsored by the any graham and adoption collective. We invite you to join this intimate group of adoptive mom as we use the graham to gain powerful insight build stronger connections and have greater compassion ourselves and the people we love. This group is for you if you're an adoptive mom if you're curious about the any graham new to it or if you already love the nfl. Graham if you want to explore your option journey in a deep in meaningful way if you want to have better understanding of how god made you y you do what you do and lashley you crave community and connection with other adoptive mom's so we are super super excited about this new group. We do have a facebook group that has started already and we'll be meeting a couple times a month on zoom with some themed conversation. We just could not be more thrilled to be digging so deep into what our journey has for us as people at his mom's and i think especially because of you be cove it and the lack of like person connection when we started some of these conversations already and the deep deep connection is like feeding my soul. I love it me too. I'm so thrilled about this group and right now you can be a founding member.

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