Interview With Jay Samit On Impact Theory


Everybody welcome to another episode of impact theory. I am here with a return guest. Who i think you guys are going to love the one the only jay salmon welcome j morgenthau so crazy successful entrepreneur bestselling author. And you've got a new book out called future proofing. You aunt there it is. It's blurry you're gonna wanna move it right in front of your face there. It is Dude this book is amazing So much so. It is the only book that i've ever in the forward to. I've been asked a lot And i want to start with the dedication at least as it appeared in the version that i got. Hopefully this is what you kept But here's what i saw to the reader of disrupt you who me saying that. He didn't believe anyone could become a millionaire. Your wrong nice and simple so jay. Walk us through. What is what is the buck like. What was the format. You did something. Pretty unique I happen to be fortunate enough to follow along with so again. A thousand bags writing for it was a magnificent forward. I was humbled by your words but disrupt you really was the most fun greatest amp done in my life in the fact that when you write a book to help people and they email you and you get like a love letters all over the world her one hundred and forty countries. I don't mean that. The brag i'm just like how if possible but occasionally you get an email to someone that says. This is all motivation. All i could never do it and turns out. J. has very been skin. That would eat at me. Like how am i not reaching this person. What what what could i do. More came this the idea. If you're read literature. Pygmalion mike air lady. Where could i just take somebody and one take somebody with the least amount of advantages so anybody reading his story. I'm starting off equal or better. So could i find somebody that world one welfare a millennial and mentoring one day a week three year and would it be possible fixing no capital capitol grounds. Give no money. I made no introductions. Tell what this could i get them from. Basically homeless to himself paved over there in twelve months and wreck the ending Eleven months

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