The Brazilian Coronavirus Crisis


Week. I spoke with marcy. Castro about the brazilian coronavirus crisis and more castro is the envelope professor of demography and chair of the department of global health and population at harvard. School of public health mercy. Brazil is now in the midst of current surge that has pushed the national death toll past three hundred thousand last week. Brazil recorded more than three thousand deaths in a single day. it's more than any other country in the world. It's the highest mortality. The country has seen since the pandemic began and hospitals are said to be on the brink of collapse with or ninety percent of covid. Icu beds already full. And almost every state. This is just hard to believe but also the united states has experienced searches as well. So i wanted to start by asking. What exactly is going on in brazil right so what. We're seeing in brazil. Now is a much worst second wave so we had a major surge last year In this second major surges It it's growing at a much faster rates than the first one. We have at least two states in brazil that recorded in two thousand twenty one more cova deaths than all two thousand twenty That's how my zone is in from dona in the state was capital is manaus. That was all over the new where we didn't even just run out of hospital beds. It run out of oxygen. And that's the situation that manage states in brazil are facing now. It's the trach to run out of oxygen but also the necessary drugs to perform into beijing so A few states have already issued guidelines of who should be prioritized to go to a nice you bed so it's that situation. You never wanna face where you basically decide who gets to leave. Who gets to die so some states in brazil. His face are facing

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