Investigations into New York governor Cuomo heat up as staff are subpoenaed


Guidance. The investigation into sexual harassment accusations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is heating up senior members of the governor's staff of no but subpoenaed by the state attorney general here, CBS is Christi collision. Cuomo Secretary Melissa Derosa's among the Albany officials subpoenaed an attorney general Tish James's investigation. Into a sexual assault allegations, according to the Wall Street Journal accuser and former aide analyst told the paper she was asked by investigators about Derosa's role is communications director in 2014 when less work for the governor list, said she didn't interact much with Derosa at the time. A state lawmaker says the separate impeachment probe into the governor is expanding. On top of looking into the sexual harassment accusations. They're examining now whether he unlawfully used his office to provide his family members with special access to scarce covert

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