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Everybody we back our to see to the week. Good i gave you a weird countdown for the start of a like a lover. I don't know why i gave for some reason. i gave see a countdown. It's like three to one time. Listen yeah time early early. My yankee career You know how. Bruce back used to do a show still. Does it show. Then you goes whatever so we only show and you know we. Talking like this bruce super. Obviously he's a good dude about sports and all that shit and we sat like i love her good like i get really nervous doing interviews. That would be sweaty. And yeah i still get sometimes but still sweat pants. Yeah so i was so this day. I'm feeling good. I'm like i'm not sweater. Nothing like bruce. Got me feeling good and then right before we buy the kickoff. He goes three two and one and he turned into anchorman was like an seen. He's fucking turning. Anchorman and i lost everything. I started sweating. I got so fucking scares. I can't answer. Question was over there fucking crack to me off. We're having a good time chatting fucking kidding me character but we gotta ask bruce about that. We got Talk fly okay. You know it's funny. You talk about a guy who's just like light by everyone. Bruce specs one. Those dudes matter. Bruce mann questions mood. He's a good he is. he's just a funny. I could see that though you're like and then boom the lights go honest he left me. I didn't know what to do. That's great oh well so We're pump for today's pod continuing with our black history month theme where we are going to be speaking To exclusively black women as our guests. We're gonna chat with neckarsulm mckay. Who is a former number one overall pick in the wnba stamford legend. An mvp in the wnba. A champion in the w. has also also rookie of the year. A six time. All star end is the president of the players association. She's just i mean see. I think our audience will will love listening terror for sure. She's going to live up to their resume like she's she's super cool funny and she's got some good overseas stories. She does you guys get a kick out of that. So we'll chat with neka We'll get to sling and heat in a moment but See i hope you have been transporting yourself mentally too highschool coming of age soap opera television. Because you my friend are going to be watching the entire first season of one tree hill and reporting on it on our podcast. Thanks to me. Winning are super bowl bet. Are you ready for this my friend but it is what it is That that that was a great super bowl man. I knew. I should've took brady hard to get bet against brady but you know it is. What is you gotta. You gotta take your lumps. So we'll see how ghost so you I i could see quickly wanted to deviate away from what you're going to have to be doing. But i'm gonna go back to it. Yeah you do know that. Like you know because of the timing. This isn't one of those like all one seasons eight episodes like one season was like twenty three episodes or something like i. I'm not worried about it. You know it is say. This is what i think we should do. See i think each week you should have. You know you should have to watch a couple episodes each week and each week on our to see to there should be a little recap from you about what you've watched and and how you doing there. I'll i'll tell you the episode that. I watched but i'm not doing that. You you buy a little recap tell us how you feel about jerry. Every other episode. Two all all right. That's fair i'll sign for that. We get remember how many black people in

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