Spotify To Spin Up Clubhouse Competitor


Spotify is probably launching its own clubhouse competitor toot sweet spotify has acquired app developer betty labs creator of locker room a live audio app. Where fans can talk about. Sports quoting axios. Spotify said in a statement that in coming months it will evolve and expand locker room into an enhanced live audio experience for a wider range of creators and fans including in genres like music and cultural programming. The acquisition will allow creators of all kinds to host anything from debates to live concerts and quote. And quoting the verge. Gustaf soderstrom chief r. and d. officer spotify tells the verge that spotify will add anyone conversations not just approved creators meaning. It's apple directly compete with all of the various live audio apps currently on the market including twitter spaces clubhouse and discord although he says spotify employed craters won't be required to go live only on spotify zap. He thinks it'll be a great complement to their existing spotify audiences. Still the two apps will remain separate quote. But who knows. Maybe we'll integrate some of these features or all of these features in the future. Soderstrom says spotify will also experiment with different monetization features. He said some chats might be free to tune into for example while others might be paid of course live audio from the app will then become a direct funnel to spotify podcasting ecosystem. Soderstrom says people already record their spaces and clubhouse chats and upload them as mp three files to anchor spotify podcast creation and hosting software quote. We might want to make that more seamless. He says it's easy to imagine. The company allowing people didn't natively record their chats and tap a button to distribute them directly to spotify and

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