Astrazeneca vaccine in US raises hopes


This week has covid. Nineteen cases continue to fall across the uk. They are at the same time surging in europe partly as a result of the spread of the kent. Variant that is now becoming the dominant circulating strain of the virus in many eu countries. The other factor is low levels of corona vars vaccination that have so far been achieved across the eu block. Some of that stems from skepticism. Any eu countries about the effectiveness of the astra zeneca vaccine. So maybe that will be about to change now. Thanks to the announcement of another successful trial of the vaccine. This time in the us astrazeneca have slightly revised their numbers since they made the trial results public. But they're still very encouraging. Chris spoke to university of kent virologists. Jeremy rothman to his reaction. I asked him whether a year on from the uk. I entering a lockdown. He expected us to be in this situation. We are today absolutely not. There's a lot that we had an idea of what was coming in terms of the severity and the need for strong action. But the fact that we are still experiencing lockdowns that. We've spent a large portion of the year in lockdown in dramatic restrictions. And we still do not have a solid plan of how we are going to get out of. This is really beyond belief to me. What did you think would happen this time last year when we watched boris johnson. Deliver that press conference when everyone was just glued to the tv and we'll fell down our spines. Where did you think it would end and win. I wasn't sure what i was hoping was that we would have lockdown and that that would drive cases down now that that absolutely did happen but what i had been waiting for. That didn't happen was that we would use that period of time to build and reinforce the infrastructure needed when we got out of the locked out

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