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This is wet notes here on scuba shock radio for sunday march twenty eighth two thousand and twenty one first up today. I want to give you an update from reef or the reef environmental educational foundation. They have released their two thousand and twenty two field survey trips and it's pretty neat. They have eleven trips. Planned in two thousand and twenty two starting with saint vincent in february and that is being led by amy lee. For those of you who listen to the show. I had amy on the show last july. They also have a cuba trip in march followed by raja arm pot in april. May june will feature saint lucia and roett tan. july is. the red sea and hawaii is in august. The september two thousand and twenty two baht trip is already sold out grand. Cayman is october bon. Air's in november and the year closes out in december. In 'cause you might wanna take a look at the reef website for all the details availability and pricing. These trips. look pretty awesome last week ned. who's a dive master at. The shop passed on a new york times article about looking for climate solutions and this article was written by catrine einhorn. Essentially she reported that ocean bottom trawling for shrimp whiting. Cod and other fish emits as much carbon dioxide into the air as the entire globalization industry. Now this was based on a study published in the journal. Nature and it was pretty enlightening. About how trawling releases. Immense amounts of carbon from the ocean floor and that leads to more acidification of the water and that reduces the oceans capacity to absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide. You can check out the entire article on the new york times website look for climate solutions by katrina einhorn. There's another piece of good news. Out of molly s this month. The honolulu star advertiser reported that a trained response team was able to free young. Humpback whale from gear entangling. It's left pictorial flipper. They were able to free about fifty to one hundred feet of line from the flipper but not we're able to get the Entangled line out of its mouth. They are hoping that that will ultimately free itself. They haven't seen the whale since it was freed. Apparently it wasn't in great shape but at least now it has a chance. They recovered gears being analyzed to see if they can determine the origin now. The efforts were led by the hawaiian humpback whale national marine sanctuary in partnership with cardinal point captains k key koala project and ultimate whale-watch. Now i've had the opportunity to go out with ultimate whale-watch from lana. A couple of times was very happy to hear of their support. We carry a lot of aqualung equipment in our shop and like most businesses twenty twenty taught many of us a lot of lessons. Well i recently sent out a message that they are introducing. A new aqualung is a bit of a rebranding. They're using a new tagline beyond the expected in the message. They said the twenty twenty taught them to expect the unexpected time to seek out the unexpected. If you check out the aqua lung website they further state that they are for the ocean exploration for ocean understanding and for ocean conservation. The aqua lung site also has a really inspiring short two minute video to get you inspired. Stay tuned for more from akwa. Long as they go beyond the expected earlier in the week. I got an email from nicole. Russell dima vice president of operations and i e mail had a lot of different information but one of the items that stood out said las vegas is open for business that means they are in fact planning to hold the demon. Show two thousand twenty one in las vegas in person and not some very exciting news. There was a learn more link in the email that took you to the dive equipment and marketing association's website where they gave you a list of all the trade shows conventions and meetings scheduled in las vegas of over five thousand or more attendees in the next twelve months. Now that was an interesting list. F why the marijuana business daily or m j biz con two thousand twenty. One is expected to draw thirty thousand people. And it's just one month before dima for all you dive pros out there. Mark your calendar for demon show two thousand twenty one november sixteenth to nineteenth in las vegas. Nevada can't wait to get back to dima and finally earth day two thousand twenty one is less than a month away earth day is actually april twenty second however it looks like this year. They are promoting three days of climate action. It starts on april twentieth. There are three lead organizations working on this educational international or education international the hip hop caucus and earth uprising will will be organizing three separate parallel climate action summits on april twentieth and twenty first ahead of president biden's global leaders climate summit on april twenty. Second what a difference a year makes. What a different political climate additionally earth day dot org will be producing the second earth day live digital event on april twenty second. Check out the website on earth day dot. Org for more information. Well that wraps up wet notes for sunday march twenty eighth two thousand and twenty one here on scuba shack

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