Navajo Runner Shaun Martin on the Sacred Nature of Running

Running Realized


Immunity yacht shea. Sean martin initia- hello. My name is shawn martin. And i'm a navajo runner. Running is is a celebration of life. It's a teacher. it's a form of medicine. But ultimately in all three of those fashions becomes a prayer. There there are four reasons that running is so ingrained in navajo culture. I it's a it's a celebration of life. We believe that here in this world we call it the glittering world it's the fourth world and in this world when a when a new life comes in it's a sacred time it's an innocent time and that baby has all the potential in the world that a mother or father or a grandparent or an anti-wrinkle could ever dream and wish for for that child so that child is innocent and so much like that when when the day is born we believe that our father the creator people. In the sky the holy people the star people the elemental people the wind people. The water people the mountain people even even the insect and their and the animal people are around the holy. Dt's these spiritual beings that we believe in. They're all out at sunrise to witness the birth in the beauty of the new day to to bless what the potential the same potential that a newborn baby has when it's born every day they bless us with that potential and those abilities and so as a navajo runner. When when we're taught that the first thing you do is wake up and come out of your home or your hogan either the earth the hogan which is shaped like the loom you face. All of our hogan's always faced east for that very reason when you open up your door at the sunrise. Alight shun dean and navajo. It's called sunrays. Those sunrays come into the home and and bless you so at the birth of that new day we opened up the hogan door and we face east and we begin to

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