Ever Given: The stuck boat that was both a crisis and a comedy

The Big Story


Lori and morocco is the author of several books of shipping trade including trade war containers. Don't lie navigating the bluster and has been reporting on this every day for cnbc. Hello lori-ann let how are you. I'm all right. I hope you're still standing after being deluged by other requests for interviews about this. It's a it's been pretty crazy. So maybe recap for folks who have not spent the last week like most of us obsessing over a big boat What is the big boat. And and how did it get stuck in the suez canal while they're still trying to figure out the exact cause but we're looking at is you had A container ship known as the ever given. And that's considered a mega container vessel can have an upwards of twenty thousand containers so those boxes that you see when you drive down the road near near the porta. Palo facts or vancouver. Wherever you need being in canada those are the big containers at that That ever given a would be having on and so what happened was during a. It's a highly with. They're going through the canal There was a storm that hit. And when you look at a container vessel the higher up you go so this was about twelve to fourteen stories. High highly stack with these vessels are with containers. The higher you go you have sale effect just like a sailboat. So what happens is if you have a big storm and the wind is blowing like you had with a sandstorm and it came on hard. Came on quick and visibility was none okay. So you're blinded you're driving this cargo ship through a very narrow canal. The containers on the ship acted as a sale and it started to push the vessel. And so what happened was you are a pilot. You are blind whether you do you. Try to lean against the wind. So you are navigating and you're moving the wheel of the vessel against the wind. What a lotta people think. What happened is because a large vessel. It's not like when you're say you're on your pleasure bowed out in the bay or you're driving your car where you turn the wheel and automatically moves. It takes time. It takes a few minutes for The movement of your wheel versus the rudders of the boats. What happened was a lot of people. Think the pilot overcompensated and then ran. The bishop aground. And so what happened was you have this behemoth vessel loaded with an upwards of twenty thousand containers stuck in the sand

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