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Embargo for the for the find x three pro lifted this morning this is okposo latest and greatest opo and oneplus share parent company. Bb case so there will be some overlap in what we talk about We don't know a lot about the oneplus series but what we know about the finance three pro. I think will dovetail nicely into the rumors for the oneplus nine. So let's start with you. Miriam you have this phone. It's oboe is not a brand name and north america yet. But i think it's becoming a bit more ubiquitous in europe where alex is you've reviewed one pl- or oboe phones for years now and you're you're among the first people to bring kind of these. Chinese brand opal vivo. Walkway into the purview of us audiences. So when you take a look at the x three pro. What's your first impression. Is this a phone that was made for a worldwide audience or is this more a phone that was made for a chinese audience. That is them being sort of adapted for the west. I think we're at the point now. Where i wanna odd xiaomi to your last i think yeah okay. I think we're the point. Where really these global launches of these phones the me levin from shami recently of course the oppo phoenix three pro and financial three series our global phones through and through. And i think that that's very exciting to me. Now we get the short end of the stick in north america. You're in canada. I'm in the us. Because we still don't get full five g support for our weird bands. And that means that i hesitate to recommend this phone to folks live on the north american continent of this time. I haven't tested the oppo yet on five g. here i'm hoping that as qualcomm becomes more omnipresent not that it isn't already but i mean in terms of its Band support for five g. sub. Six that we get eventually to a point where even buying global phone will just work on some bands in us. Kind of like four g. Lt. foams do and in canada. So i think these phones feel like truly global phones to me. I think that the biggest challenge the biggest obstacle that existed in the pass with these two years ago three years ago. If you imported one was the software. Felt very chinese in the sense that it was. It's like it's hard to explain. But there's a certain flavor to chinese phones if you've ever used one that doesn't have google services on it and that's changed radically. I think caller west which is what apple runs which is an on top of android is even closer now to oxygen. Which is what one plus has which makes sense. Bbq groups same company but in the past. That wasn't always the case. And i think xiaomi's done a very good job as well as an improving it appears to be more you know more universal to the global markets to customers in different countries. So i really have no qualms with this phone i think. It's it's a solid all-round flagship. It brings to the table some things we've never seen before and it on top of that. You know short of the five g support from north. America is a truly global phone so alex. You're the only person among the four of us that uses this phone. Where in the markets intended give us your overview of how fits into the uk european market. And what your first impressions are so whether fit into the market. Whether hoping to the mock i think is in the gap. The is currently in the process of being vacated by wa so there is a a room for another major player in europe and the uk. And i think that's that's where they plan to slow us into already seeing that taking advantage of always current challenges in china whether the now the the number one manufacturer but yeah i think in terms of just the quality the phone. It's it builds on what we saw in the next two pro in little ways last year But the my money this is a little bit of a one. Step forward one step back. Sort of a situation They're all the things. I really enjoyed about the findings to pro- And it it just seemed to have every angle sort of covered in terms of photography and a big part of that is super zoom telephoto in it. Yeah oddly something that a lot of brands of moving away from this year with the exception of while way sometime maybe xiaomi That's something i really miss. Unfor- photography scented phone that seems like a big emission. Especially when you have this weird microscope thing which is fun to play around with but is not going to have anywhere near the practical value In terms like dealer photography assume would get you So that's one sort of disappointments. That i have with it Made worse by the fact that. I'm not a massive found. The microscope The other side air you. i know this is. This is a one. A one point of conflicts on this phone denialism massive out of the microscope. But just before we get to that. The other thing is Find extra prolapsed yet no wireless charging is kind of becoming a table. Stakes feature ever since apple introduced is Now we finally have that but the battery life is just null. Great unstaffed That's the problem right When you getting in the region of twelve to thirteen hours In its its fooling over after about three and a half hours screen on you know especially for me coming from pixel five and show. I've been spoiled a little bit by that phone but Yeah it's haunted. Described the boundary line for this thing is anything but just a big disappointment for me. I would agree with that in the week or so that i've used it especially coming from the galaxy s twenty one pixel five. This is a big battery. that just doesn't perform like a big battery but were still a month out from launch and miriam. I know you haven't spent a ton of time with it but what's your impression of. I wanna come back to the camera. Because i think the the cameras a sort of a question mark for me. Every time i've spoken to one. Plus they give me different answers for why they made the decisions they did around the load out but the phone. Form factor right. They made a big deal about this single piece of glass on the back and how they machine did and you know burned it in killing at seven hundred degrees and puts a magic spell on it to keep its shape and all that. What's your impression of the form of this device. It's really interesting. And i think it's something that a lot of people it's pretty arresting to somebody who's looking at it from the back for the first time. Yeah i love the design. I think it's really unique. A middle worried that you know. It's like form over function in some way. Because i mean at this price point. What's the price anyway. Do we know eleven hundred pounds or twelve hundred years this price. That's fine but i like so gonna be a thousand like it's about the same as the next to last year pros last year. But he's a little bit cheaper but yeah that over thousand dollar price point. I'm okay with the crazy. You know wizards type approach to making the thing with thousands of hours of manufacturing time. Whatever it might be. I think it looks really cool. I've got the kind of grayish color. One agree dark rate lack. I don't know what color that is. But it's looking at a mirror. The whole thing is one piece. It's very cool. My my thing is that i'm really happy. They added wireless charging. That was the thing that i wanted to make a final to pro my daily driver austere and it up with of course oneplus eight pro which is count like again you know the oneplus nine pro is going to be a dead ringer of this phone. So no surprise there like in many ways so the reason i couldn't do it because what trudging was missing. Now that's been remedied by battery life. I haven't tested yet. So i don't know but it might be a result of trying to run everything at one twenty hertz and quad hd. I feel that. If i have to compromise somewhere it's resolution usually my eight pro oneplus a prior run at ten eighty p right and probably run the oneplus nine pro and switched to it at ten pm. Pretty convinced. i'm going to switch to it so wait you're of all the phones that you've used including the galaxy s twenty one. You're still using the eight pro. Is your daily driver. Oh yeah no. Don't i don't want to switch to off and i have so many ops to reinstall and set up a one once a year thing and i have to pick wisely right last year. I decided that i was going to wait. For the pixel five and so i hung hoed with the pixel forty or whatever four acceler my pocket for a while and then i realized that the pixel five was giving giving me what i want and the four or five g was actually the better form but didn't have wireless charging in my opinion so then i went said. I need to make a decision. So i went eight pro and the reason for that is i want i want wanna pixel essentially but i wanna flagship right. So what's the closest you can get to that. You can't get a flagship from google anymore. Anyway i digress but back to the quickey unfortunately have just to go as soon but i feel that for me. What surprised me. The most is the telephone okay. I couldn't get numbers on this. Is it three x two x two x optical and switch to x optical with five x figs. Zoom whatever hybrid. That's hybrid probably looks okay at five x hybrid but probably know better than one hundred eight megapixel. That's trying to do five x kinda like the eleven right. Yeah these over the past It's just fine. I is is fine of five but go beyond five. It's a bit yeah. We had a paris copa. Like five x right. That was different from the oneplus. Eight pro which only had like three x telephoto. So i think the teleph- the the lack of the telephoto disappearing from almost everyone's phones except for you know an iphone doesn't really count because there's only two axe to me. Anything that's to excellence doesn't count. It has to be three more. And ideally it needs to have two of them like the s twenty one ultra or the. We p forty pro plus. Which was my darling camera phone last year. Despite the lack of gm's so you see. That's the reason. Part of the reason daniel that i went with the pro because i knew that if i needed a better camera just pull out a weiwei. P forty plus and carry that with me right and so so then. I guess the party question that i would ask is what would it take for the financial three pro to be your daily driver over the nine. The oneplus nine pro. Because they are so similar to things. And i want that i feel. Actually this might take away from this. Phone is that oppo is holding back for an ultra version. Yes that was my conspiracy theories. Well i feel like we're like because everybody's doing more than a pro. Now i feel that apple is exploring that ultra premium end. And he's gonna come out with a special edition of this phone. That will have a proper periscope telephoto. But what would make me switch would be more see right now. Could live with a two x telephoto. If it's any good. I don't know off to try it but i think for me. It's five g support simply. Because i'm on t. mobile in the us and it's actually beneficial in terms of network coverage for me it's not really beneficial terms of speed by re does give me slightly better performance in some fringe situations and that would be my big. My big request bought the other thing. That i'm interested intrigued. Bob because i haven't really had chance to tessies. Cameras yet. Is their choice of using the two identical fifty megapixel. I am seven six six sensors on the ultrawide and the main to get perfect color. Matching 'cause how's that worked out for you guys so interesting thing. That is the you in theory. That is what happens. But then you have the ai thing that's turned on. Which can you run. I'm not sure by default but if you use it You know it's very useful things in some situations but if you use it then you can get radically different looking switching between the two lenses if you don't have the tent on yet is obviously much closer as a parting thought. I have a feeling that while last year's apple finds pro would have been my choice for that time period of the year that first half of the year until the no twenty ultra came out. Which was my darling phone of the fall. But i switched to it because i was lazy. And of course he has twenty ultra. now is a pretty solid choice for photography. I think until until then until the eight pro last year the findings to pro choice other than wireless charging and five jeep but this year. I'm much more convinced that all want the oneplus nine pro. That's your segue as i'm leaving because for me. The one plus nine pro. F- i don't know all of the details yet but that hassle partnership has me intrigued and more importantly i know it's going to support all the bands properly in the us. And it's going to have wireless charging which i need and it's going to be a slightly smaller phone. I think this year which. I'm very happy about because the eight cross a freaking monster of a beast. It's too big for me over there. So i think the x three profiles held back to me somehow. Apple is i can know what apple can do and be group and this is very good by this. This aversion to telephoto in chinese phones right now xiaomi's doing it too is driving me nuts. I don't get it i want all of it. I don't care about microscope. it's cool. I don't care about a macro because an ultra wide can do macro like it is on this phone. It is on one plus pro phones

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