Feds Arrest Two Men For Assaulting Washington DC Capitol Hill Police Officer Who Died


7 44 more than two months now, police have been searching for the people who attacked a Capitol Police office. Sir. During the January 6th insurrection on the hill knew this evening. Two people are under arrest for the assault, although they are not charged with murder Officer Brian Sick. Nick did die the day after the riot. These two suspects made their first appearance in federal court this afternoon. Police say they sprayed US Capitol police officer Brian Sick Nick with bear spray during the January 6th capital riot he died the next day it has not been determined whether their actions caused his death. 32 year old Julian Ellie Cotter of Pennsylvania and 39 Year old George Pierre Thanos of Morgantown, West Virginia, where identified the FBI wanted images by tipsters and were arrested on Sunday. They're charged with a total of nine counts, which includes assaulting another officer with a deadly weapon. They could get up to 20 years in

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