AstraZeneca finds no evidence of increased blood clot risk from vaccine


I'm anthony davis astrazeneca said on sunday a review of safety data of people vaccinated with its covid. Nineteen vaccine has shown. No evidence of an increased risk of blood clots astrazeneca's review which covered more than seventeen million people vaccinated in the united kingdom and european union comes off to helpful parties in some countries suspended. The use of its vaccine over clotting issues authorities in ireland denmark norway iceland and the netherlands of suspended the use of the vaccine clotting issues while austria stopped using a batch of astra zeneca shots last week while investigating a death from coagulation disorders. European medicines agency has said. There is no indication that the events were caused by the vaccination of you that was echoed by the world health organization on friday. The drugmaker said fifteen events of deep vein thrombosis and twenty two events pulmonary. Embolism have been reported. So far which is similar across other licensed covid nineteen vaccines. The company said additional testing has an is being conducted by the company and the european health authorities. None of the tests have shown

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