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What was your take on. Bitcoin in terms of was it. Like is it a money to use in also the underlying technology of blockchain that you like what. How different are you know. What what what interests you about bitcoin. Or or blockchain lesson. I'm going to be completely honest with you. People in america. We don't have the best history. Okay and a lot of the wealth. Doubts been created out to the giant corporations through these banking families was created off the back of my ancestor. So like i'm. I'm not going to sugar coat that so for me. It's this is a way for to put power back into the hands of people and to put value back into the hands of people that we don't need to go through third party so one that's like you know that's awesome. I believe I think the flip side of that is in. Listen i'm i'm showing my real self a there's also a cynical part. Where was this just a way to get everybody on the same page and then bankers come in and try to take over anyway. Which i've been reading in the federal reserve so so yeah it's it's just one of those things where just like it's it's is gonna take the world by storm and rather know even if it's a little bit about it then just be got the wayside exactly so it's an opportunity read. I think for all of us to have a self sovereign kind of ownership in our own. You know type of currency as opposed to always obviously county on the dollar but bitcoin gives us opportunities to own our own stuff. You take control back. And i kind of really risa right. And the fact that like you know this this world is so it's like a universe. I constantly growing his concert expanding. And so i like you can literally have a product or service and create your own blockchain for people to use an exchange with you. And i think that's really dove and so what's your what's your take over the last. I guess couple years so you caught win at the hype which we all did. That's when we kick this kick off our news venture around that time in and we were kind of like all right a lot of lot of at the time. The narrative was scams and fraud on the technology. Pardon not delivering product and code in our thought was like there's something here We decided to invest in it a knowing that we were so early on all this risk and you know not sure of the direction. In kind of the the infrastructure of blockchain had was just forming although blockchain in general the components to blockchain chromatography and mike distributed systems is been around for for for decades. So what has been your experience. I guess from from then until now and two thousand seventeen was the hype like completely tanked. What were you going to do. What kind of emotions like were you. Just still intrigued. Were like you know what i'm going to stick with. Obviously you did. I'm gonna stick with this and here. We are in twenty twenty right so was it was up and down and all around. And now we're having this crazy bull run and and we'll get into the trading competition after like your experience there but what's been going through your mind over the last three years. Sure i mean literally. It wasn't until this year that i picked picked up and reinvesting in bitcoin rain and it more so just came from like over the past years. I will check my coin based and things like that. But i had other things going on so i wasn't actively looking at it but for me and just even the past like since i've really been trading more so looked at stocks have done stock options trading and things like that but now it's like okay that that banking world is finicky right now so Like what can i. What can i invest in. And i started like re reinvesting in bitcoin and just reading up on bitcoin crypto l. and Looking at the other blockchain technologies that came out and And even just looking at tracking every day. Just being able to actually see those movements. Like i remember jessica thirteen thousand now. Zeman is between like nineteen seventeen thousand pasco a day soldiers. It is even cool to dishes. Visually be a part of seen especially the projections over the next couple of years. So it's just cool to even like visually be a part of that and and know that the shifts are happening. I'm like watching happen and being a part of it happen.

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