Manny’s Deli In Chicago Says It Will Give Out Free Sandwiches If Everyone Wears Masks Properly For 30 Days


By the rules. Hey, Dan Raskin. You're on WGN radio. How are you, sir? Great. Thanks for having me on you are the owner of Manny's. Is that correct? Yeah. For generation owner? Yes. What is it? 79 years the famed cafeteria delicatessen in the city where average folks like me Go and famous folks go to And you guys were in the news because you're it sounds like a little Ticked off that the customers who aren't wearing the mask. Is that right? Yeah, Most of our customers are wearing masks, and I think that most of them are not doing it on purpose. But we're just hoping that people pay a little bit more attention. Obviously, people haven't realized yet, but the restaurant workers have been working the whole time. They still haven't been able to get their vaccines. So it's uh we're still looking to keep our staff safe. Even though there's there are people out there who have vaccinated and we were really looking for a way just toe to get the word out to make sure that everyone understands that like you still have to wear masks and a strong as if the law we're gonna follow the

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