Causal link between AstraZeneca jab and blood clots unlikely


Several major European countries are suspending the use of AstraZeneca's Corona virus vaccine over reports that some people who got it ended up with blood clots. Germany, France, Italy and Spain are among the latest nations to stop giving the shots right now as a precaution, But health pros say there's no evidence to suggest any consistent link between the vaccine and blood clots. CBS MEDICAL contributor Dr David Vegas was with US on W T O P. Earlier data shows so far in tens of millions of people. Vaccinated around the world, no serious long term side effects to these vaccines. As of yet every complication has been looked at and today they haven't felt to be related directly to the vaccine. That's an amazing statement for a vaccine s O. I am still very enthusiastic. These vaccines save lives. I have no data that there is cause for concern, says his biggest worries of the situation will discourage people from getting any

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