A highlight from Are Millionaires Buying Bitcoin? (Time Is Running Out)


Seven out of 22 private families have already deployed some of their money into Bitcoin or crypto that is seven out of 22 Call it a third tiny tiny bits two and a half million dollar allocation 397 ,000 families requires 37 million What's up everybody welcome to another Saturday edition of the alpha series with myself Kelly Kellum director the bit lab Academy I'm so excited to have an incredible guest on today. Another one. Mr Gary Cardone and we're gonna be diving into that here in a few moments And if you want to watch the full length of this interview The link is in the description down below and you also see a link at the end of this video Stick around because we have a lot that we're gonna be digging into about Bitcoin and aetherium and this digital asset ecosystem So without any further ado, it's mr. Gary Cardone. How are you doing my friend? I'm so happy to have you here Doing good, man doing good. It feels like it's the end of a week and it's only what thirsty So I've been to three states already and I think eight podcasts or some crazy number so it just keeps getting more interesting and I Think it's becoming very clear what the real opportunity is. So I'm doing good Well before we really dive into this I have to just express my gratitude for you being here I've had the opportunity to be on a number of different podcasts and spaces with you and You even kind of pulled me aside at one point we got on about our zoom call and just talking life and markets and so many people get so focused on the dollar and the you know, What is the thing that makes money and you did something that I absolutely commend in business in life? Which is who's the person who's the person underneath this? How can we how can I help you? How can you help me and I just want to say I thank you for that and I appreciate you and As we're diving into this before we even get into it What if somebody were to walk up to you on the street and pose the question or even the resistance about Bitcoin an? Opportunity that is or isn't there underlying What would be your brief sort of you know few minute? This is why whether your retail or institution? Why is Bitcoin? Despite the price action that's been going on. It might feel frustrating zoomed in on a one -hour chart Why is this something that is an absolute? Necessity for people's attention to at least pay attention to if not yet get involved in how many green lights do we need? Okay Now this is the math two and a half million dollars I have far more than two and a half million dollars and I am NOT a super hotnet war player Okay, which like I'm probably at the very bottom of the food chain Seven out of 22 private families have already deployed some of their money into Bitcoin or crypto that is seven out of 22 Call it a third tiny tiny bits two and a half million dollar allocation 397 ,000 families requires 37 million Bitcoin 37 million Bitcoin will allow a extremely wealthy guy like me to buy 92 Bitcoin. That's it So you guys consider and do the math all you want but like no everybody's thinking about the under bank We should think about the over bank. The over bank will drive this market I've been saying this forever The under bank are going to come along when this when the value of a Satoshi is somewhere between a penny and half a penny Then we'll see Satoshi's working But that means bitcoins price actually has to move so Satoshi's become something that can be exchanged In the meantime, you're gonna have a lot of tokens make up the little payment rails, right? Whether they're fake tokens or CD DC tokens or whatever tokens they are. They're gonna fill that gap until we're there So that that's my best explanation and by the way, that's before 62 millionaires across planet Earth deploy $2 ,500 So just Just $2 ,500 each for these millionaires Okay for the multi wealth the super well it's You can do it over ten years $25 ,000 a pop or you can do it all at one time. Okay, they need 5 .7 million Shit, the millionaires can't even buy $2 ,500 worth of crypto do without moving this market substantially Okay, there's not five million Bitcoin floating around So that is my thesis. Okay. I don't know any rich people that have ever found a product that They can beat their neighbor to bind like guys like us love doing that. Well, I can buy something you can't have that is awesome So I think we forget I can I think actually most high net worth players Have are already at max consumption That they look literally no more planes. They don't need anything else. I don't need anything else now. It's all just investment It's all the future so You can do that math any way you want. You can take those three hundred ninety seven thousand dollars and factor that down to 10 % I am wrong by 90 % It's still four million Bitcoin Okay, any way you work this number you can also back into it and say well The high net worth players are actually moving into an eight hundred trillion dollar market, you know I have assumed that no one even changes their allocation to eight hundred trillion.

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