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Interactive brokers' clients earn up to USD 4 .83 % on their uninvested, instantly available cash balances, rates subject to change. Visit ibkr .com slash interest rates to learn more. Big step goes for the FTC. Thanks so much, Jen. That's Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Litigation Analyst, Jennifer Rhee. For more of Jen's analysis, go to BI Go on the Bloomberg Terminal. I'm June Grosso and you're listening to Bloomberg. Broadcasting 24 hours a day at Bloomberg .com and the Bloomberg Business Act. This is Bloomberg Radio. The Writers Guild of America strike is done. After 148 days, the board of the WGA West and council of the WGA East voted unanimously to lift the strike, effective at 12 .01 Pacific time Wednesday. A judge is ruling Donald Trump and his company are liable for fraud in a lawsuit brought by the New York Attorney General's office. The judge in his ruling found Trump made false and misleading valuations for his real estate assets over the years to secure loans and insurance deals. United Auto Workers President Sean Fain says the union isn't letting up on its demands amid an ongoing strike. He spoke to MSNBC Tuesday, the same day President Biden stood alongside members on the picket line in Michigan. The members, you know, being out there standing up for their future are what brought the president here and it's a great testament to see him come here. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says it would be very important to have a meeting with President Biden to prevent a government shutdown and address the border crisis. McCarthy is hoping to pass a bill that would pair a short -term government funding extension with a series of border policy changes backed by Republicans and opponents.

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