A highlight from GREAT NEWS FOR CARDANO! (XRP The Young Mans Crypto)


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Vehicle Dependability Studies. 2023 study based on 2020 models. See J .D. Power dot com slash awards for 2023 details. Last, plan renews at $99 per year. $250 credit back minimum. Excludes alcohol, germs apply. I see too many people who are like, oh, if Fox says it, it must be true. And Fox is just a different kind of evil than CNN, but they're owned by the same people. The ultimate goal of Fox and CNN and MSNBC is to create chaos and anger because the everyday person in the United States has more in common than they want us to. Oh, for sure. U .S. SEC not coming out to Cardano. Charles Hoskinson whips it out online, explaining the SEC's continuous crackdown on crypto entities is political and has nothing to do with securities laws. Chuckie Ho Ho, founder of Cardano, believes the United States Securities Exchange Commission will not come after the project's native token, ADA. Interesting. He didn't say not him, but not ADA. OK, that's fine. During a recent YouTube interview on Corey Costa's crypto coins, shout out Corey Costa, a friend of ATB, Hosky pointed out that there has been no enforcement action against ADA so far. Hasn't there been a couple things where people delisted Cardano? Yeah, a lot of exchanges have delisted in anticipation that something happens, but nothing like there's like misinformation out there. I've actually talked to people who think that right now Cardano is in a lawsuit with the SEC and that is not true. Same. Same. Before we continue with the story, hit that like button. Drew, where are we at for likes, bro? Pull that mic down. Let the people hear your smooth dulcet tones. We got two hundred and eighty eight likes. Need to pump those numbers up. These are. How do I say this nicely? These are Mike Pence at the debate last night. Numbers. We need to bump these numbers up, folks. OK, prove that you are not a Fed and hit that like button. Subscribe to this channel. Leave a comment. Get active in chat, bro. Drew, give me a poll. Who won the debate last night? Poll the audience. Let's get it going. Krit Kratts, Nick Tator hosting very bullish for crypto. Heck yeah, baby. Let's keep on going. SEC is not coming after Ada in two recent lawsuits against the world's leading crypto exchanges. Coinbase and Binance. The SEC classified roughly twelve tokens, including Cardano and a bunch of other ones. Philcon. Yep, Philcon. Oh, Philcon. That's how you say it. Insisting they ought to be registered. Insisting. We're like stamping foot. Should be registered before being listed on exchanges. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and Harry's Razor's number one customer once disclosed that the agency had asked the exchange to delist all tokens except Bitcoin as they qualified securities. Isn't it weird that like last week. The CFTC said Bitcoin and Ethereum were both commodities. Yeah, I mean, what's what's the Gary wants control, Nick, but it's over, right? Like no one can serious. No one can take the SEC seriously if another agency says the thing that the SEC says is security is a commodity. I mean, I don't know if anyone has been taking the SEC seriously for a minute now, but we know Gary tries to fight with every weapon he has. And unfortunately, he still has a lot of weapons. They don't work very well, but he still uses them. Yeah, and it's the delay tactic. He wants to delay everything he can. Yeah, yeah. So someone said watching Nick is painful. Well, look. Pain and suffering makes you a better human being, OK? Reject comfort. Watch this stream while I host. All right. Who won the debate last night? Vivek Pence, DeSantis, Trump. I would have put Nikki in there instead of Pence because Pence was just like a buffoon. Anyways, SEC's move is political. Yeah, we know this. Cardano Boss said the one political party in the U .S. which received a lot of money from S .F .F. is trying to show that they are not corrupt. Hence, they have moved from being bipartisan and working with other parties to create crypto rules, to accusing everyone of being a bad actor in time to throw them behind bars. I'll disagree with Hosky here saying there really is only one party in the United States. OK, it's a uni -party system. There is no true opposition. OK, I would say that the Republicans and Fox News are controlled opposition. It's it's the two two wings on the same bird at this point. Would you agree or am I am I being a little too? Oh, no, it's it's extremely obvious the same people own both sides. And I've I've said this before. We've talked about this on Investing Bros that people don't need like I see too many people who are like, oh, if Fox says it, it must be true. And Fox is just a different kind of evil than CNN, but they're owned by the same people. The goal ultimate of Fox and CNN and MSNBC is to create chaos and anger because the everyday person in the United States has more in common than they want us to for sure. 100 percent. They want us to think that if you don't agree, if you're not a Republican, you are the evilest person in the world. If you're not a Democrat or Democrats, you're the evilest person in the world. And they make money by sowing this disunity. Yeah.

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