A highlight from Ep.118 - Rewind to 1967: The Year That Changed Music Forever


Well here we are episode 118 I think I think I forgot to list a few this might be like episode 120 or 121 I don't know I guess that's a good thing when you do so many you lose count anyway on this episode we're gonna be talking about the year in music 1967 and as usual I have the wrecking two in the house Mark Smith and Lou Colicchio of the music relish show very interesting yeah a lot happened sit back relax it's gonna be another two and a half hour podcast but we love it enjoy the show the KLFB studio presents milk rate and turntables a music discussion podcast hosted by Scott McLean now let's talk music enjoy the show yes let's talk music thank you Amanda for that wonderful introduction as usual welcome back my friends to the show that never ends welcome to the podcast you know the name I'm not gonna say it was streaming live right now over Facebook YouTube X formerly known as Twitter twitch D live and again I always I don't know how many other things and this podcast will be heard on every podcast platform yeah yeah 1967 so it was quite a year think you're in for a little little ride tonight yeah and you know who wasn't born in night oh he was three in 1967 marksmen from the music relish show good evening I was two years from being on this earth so you weren't even really thought of no you thought of it 67 think of that think of that yeah you weren't even thought of you weren't even like a sparkle in as they say in your father's eye there might have been the beginning of a sparkle who knows so let me see I'm looking at my is my screen still fuzzy on my end but I'm not even seeing it on YouTube right now I'm seeing it's live but I just got the image of the vinyl really yeah what the hell wait wait wait wait yeah no it's on it's on I see it I see it but my screen looks fuzzy right yeah that's how I'm seeing you from my end yeah what the hell let me check something here hold on okay let's do a little in show my you know that smooth little March of colors next to you when you open up the show yeah happy it's all like gone really weird I'm looking at this right let's go back to this see what happens I'm supposed to be in 1080 and I'm looking at it right now now you're sharp you just got sharp it goes back and forth it's a strange see like hearing yourself huh I guess I don't know what do a refresh here I'm playing it right Tom Benwald says it looks good patty says it's blurry that was in the beginning and it looks like it's sharp now so it goes back and forth you're starting to get blurry again it's strange got any storms down there no this this would this will drive me crazy now this is it's not supposed to be like this come on it's like a Grateful Dead show warts and all rice we're talking about 1967 there's no digital so it was still waiting for Luda come on so you know I'm going to do I hate doing this but I'm going to do it to you buddy what's that no don't cut me I'm not cutting you I'm gonna I'm gonna hit a refresh which might take me off the screen so the show is yours for about I don't know 60 seconds let's see what happens here let's see reload I'm gonna reload it so I'm going off the screen I guess it's time to advertise the music roll show with my friend Perry and my friend Lou we discuss opera we have fun how am I now you look better look yeah yeah looks better yep and I just advertised my podcast is that the opera I'll pay you I'll give you the money later on then I lose my this is like okay here we go you look better though all right good yeah good you know me I the technical stuff drives me crazy especially you know it's not only sound it has to be oh it's this is a live stream so it has to look yeah good and you don't want to drop out in the middle of the show no like me and Lou do once in a while race right let's see is the chat working let's see now I'm not seeing any I'm not seeing any comments so let me try this well sorry for the podcast listeners but I gotta get this shit right hey it's okay I should be seeing I should be seeing comments because people have already made three comments you over here maybe they're bored and they don't want to comment anymore no it's there it should be showing up on my screen over here right we know that my boss you busting balls only Bono does that let's see public so it should be getting huh this is crazy seven minutes in and I'm here we haven't done anything yet let me see send comment test I just sent a text to message I see I see you as I see mine okay good we're good we're good let me switch over to my other account and do the same thing I just want to make sure yes just our audience is bored they don't want to comment actually this is all Lou's fault yeah yeah always the you know I would probably lost the other comments is because I rebooted so hmm all right well you know what we're gonna start without Lou right as I say that as I say that does he have what does he what do you let's get the full screen nose is that why you were late you had to clean your nose and he's back in Paris again you brown nose er I've been a bad dog my laptop and he's back in pair you left here in Paris you must have left it back in the United States I did I left on the plane how you doing Lou I'm doing alright how are you guys doing well I just had a little technical difficulty and we blamed you because you weren't here so you left me alone and I had to talk opera with myself talked opera yeah rigoletto did you talk about rigoletto this time I'm just really boring you know I'm like all right this is why this is a two and a half hour podcast some of us have to work tomorrow all right here we go let's jump right into 1967 musical events in 1967 and the year kicks off right away with a bomb a bomb on January 4th the doors release can arguably one of the greatest debut records ever arguably if you had a top 25 greatest debut that albums would have to be in the top 10 it would have to be yeah you know if you had a top 50 that would have to be in the top 10 right even if you don't like them you have to say that was so ahead of its time oh it's so different nothing out there was like the needle and all you hear it kicks I mean fucking what a way to start an album it's a heavy song it with a bossa nova beat yeah I mean that's pretty clever yeah 67 so you know bossa nova was pretty hip again John Densmore over underrated underrated underappreciated I think you are you are so correct you know never gets the the the consideration that I I don't know you can't put him in greatest of all time but could he be okay if there's a top there's a top 25 drummer top 25 drummers is he in it good question and in rock we'll just say in rock I think he could be I could see him making so I don't know if he's a universal pick but I could see him on some list I mean he's something you'd have to think about like you said like it doesn't get noticed so much you know yeah yeah or it I mean although his drumming wasn't shy I mean he's jazzy as hell I heard um writers on the storm yesterday and his adjustment playing is great in his adjustments during the shows just for that yeah yeah the unpredictability of you know how the how the song was gonna go right because they could rehearse it all they want once Morrison got into that zone well in the drama keeps the beat right yeah yeah the drummer has to stay up with that yeah and played to the clown so to speak right you know and my my problem is if some of the clowns don't have the beat you know at one point they've got to give in like I said Morrison or even Dylan they'll set the tone but they've got to be steady themselves you know it's yeah otherwise it's just erratic but you know yeah guy like Dan's more I mean I had skill I had a lot of a lot of technical ability right feel yes cool so obviously his drums always sounded good yeah on the earlier on the other records even you know three years worth of music whatever I guess I would be who produced some Jack Holtzman was the producer did a good job Jekyll or now wait so no what was it Paul Rothchild yes yes yes I'm sorry Holtzman was he on the record company yeah yeah was that it was that chrysalis or chrysalis I think or just like yes that's a lecture a lecture weren't they on chrysalis though also I thought they were yeah maybe maybe chrysalis was a subsidiary but uh yeah Jack Holtzman's son is Adam Holtzman he's a keyboardist right now he plays with here we go Stephen Wilson but he does a little blog on Facebook and he talks about growing up and he was like six years old and his father brought him to a club to see the tour Wow at six years old he just talks about like yeah it's a great little blog Wow all right and four days later on January 8th Elvis Presley turned 32 on January 14th the human be in right the human be e -i -n human being takes place in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park polo fields with spoken words from Timothy Leary Allen Ginsberg Gary Snyder in others live music was provided by Jefferson Airplane the Grateful Dead Big Brother in the holding company and Quicksilver Messenger Service speeches from Jerry Rubin and others were also given at the event although it's one band there I liked yeah Quicksilver Messenger Service who was it on January 15th 1967 who is your favorite poet of all them I know you're not asking me Arthur Rimbaud who influenced Jim Morrison good answer good answer way to bring that first opening segment rough full circle we're getting better Scott we're good now you guys get a lot of good trust me I'm getting a lot of good feedback so let's keep it at that I don't want you son ask for more money and on January 15th 1967 the Rolling Stones appear on the Ed Sullivan show at Ed Sullivan's request finish it he asked them to let's spend sing let's spend some time together is that the one there you go yeah and then he told him a really big shoe I hate to do this I mean I come back on penalty box I don't say just he beat my record okay look he just got on the show after late and these are either he's stuck he's frozen put the dog nose back on where'd it go are you throw it at the camera like your headphones on January 16th 1967 the monkeys begin work on headquarters the first album to give them complete artistic and technical control over their material and it was fucking horrible fucking horrible what were they thinking they know they were thinking the egos got too big they thought they were the music well the argument can be made that you know Mike Nesmith did write different drum yeah so he could write songs but I don't think he was a pop songwriter you know headquarters and they try to be all fucking like 60 ish and shit they weren't looking for pop were they they're trying to be like more psychedelic yeah I think so there were their channel on the Beatles with those quirky little yeah with anti -grizzelles on that I don't know some weird shit I'll tell you what though I don't care about it myself but it was surely a harpsichord on it because that's what all those records had they had to have a harpsichord and I have the book this the 100 best -selling records of the 60s the monkeys got a they've had quite a few albums on there oh they do yeah they were they were but I mean I thought it was just a condensed period of the show which it probably was but it's still I mean they've got I mean most of their albums sold really well yeah yeah ah you like the show what's it is like the show I did I still like it I still love it I love that that that's so that humor is great like dumbed down brilliantly done though humor yeah way was what they were supposed to act like that yeah you know what I mean there was no like these guys are bad actors they knew exactly how to do that they pulled it off great it was campy it was great for its time it's still great to watch now yeah I do think that banana splits were a better band yeah that's I'll give you the banana splits were a kick -ass band yeah yeah kick -ass man did you see the movie recently came out it's a horror movie with the banana splits the banana splits movie it's a horror movie yeah yeah it takes place in an amusement park and they're they're robotic and in Dyson and slicing baby Dyson and slicing I have to say oh man that's yeah okay yeah Dyson and slicing it's good it's kids again campy movie but I couldn't not watch it yeah I have to say I'm sure Fleagle is a total psychopath well I'm not gonna give you any and no no no spoilers here those was it just Dyson and slicing on January 17 1967 the daily mail newspaper reports four thousand potholes in Blackburn Lancashire and Guinness air Tara Brown is killed in a car wreck these articles inspire lyrics for a day in the life a day in the life yes on January 22nd 1967 Simon and Garfunkel give live can't give a live concert at Phil harmonic Phil harmonic call in New York City some of this concert is released on October 4th 1997 on their box set old friends but most is not released until July 2002 that's some more okay January 29th mantra rock dance the quote ultimate high of the hippie era is organized at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco featuring Janis Joplin grateful dead big brother in the holding company for three Moby grape quirky that would've been interesting that's the best man that's the best as though for they're almost like the MC five kind of I think they were just kind of but they're they're a San Francisco band and beat poet once again Allen Ginsberg shows up to do his spoken word I heard he was a member of NAMBLA I wouldn't the National Association of Marlon Brando look -alikes I heard I'd someone I remember he actually he was a sponsor of NAMBLA but anyway on January 30th 1967 the Beatles shoot a promotional film for the forthcoming single strawberry fields forever at Noel Park in Seven Oaks have you seen it I have seen it I haven't seen it in a long time it's really cool yeah yeah it's kind of dark speaking of dark on February 3rd 1967 UK record producer Joe Meek murders is it his landlady and then commits suicide by shooting himself in the head in Holloway North in London it's kind of dark didn't he produce sleepwalk yes letter Telstar some early we talked we did it bit of a genius really yeah let's see February 7th Mickey Dolan's no let me stop February 6th Mike Nesmith and Mickey Dolan's of the monkeys fly into London Dolan sees till death do us part on British TV and uses the term Randy's scouse grit from the program for the title of the monkeys next single release Randy's scouse grit not releasing it is an offensive term Britain's British census forced the title to be changed to alternate title and then the next day Mickey Dolan's meets Paul McCartney at his home in st.

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