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Seek and Destroy that has been the theme of discussions of truth now for well I'm in my seventh season here and we started the show on Wynwood radio in Miami 2016 is when I agreed to do the show with them aired the first episode January of 2017 this is Ian Trottier here and today we are going to start talking if you are not familiar with the name Charlotte Iserbit she passed away about a year and a half ago she's a former advisor to the Department of Education under Ronald Reagan her story is very interesting and captivating because she talks about having received a list of these Skull and Bones members via mail that was sent to her father who was a Skull and Bones member at Yale and Anthony Sutton was hot on that trail so two names that you should familiarize yourself with and that is Charlotte Charlotte's work and that is the deliberate dumbing down of America she talks about the invasion of the American education system and that having been formalized under Jimmy Carter back in 1979 Department of Education so she talks about that through her book and then also what I was talking about was Anthony Sutton calling her being hot basically on the trail of dissecting the corruption that is it's really manipulation because Ella Hugh Yale was a major stockholder a main president of the British East Indies trading company that is a Rothschild controlled trading company and the Rothschild funded the American Revolution so I may be off here ladies and gentlemen but if you look at the flag that was flown above the John Paul Jones excuse me the USS Alfred commandeered by John Paul Jones on the Delaware that basically started the American Revolution that flag is basically identical to the British East Indies company flag and then that you trace that and you go back to Cambridge Massachusetts and something called the flag committee which is Continental Congress approved Washington Franklin adopted what became the first flag of the United what became known as the United States and that was the US Grand Union flag which as being designed by Betsy Ross that is the US Grand Union flag which is identical to the British East Indies company flag because that is where the financing came to fund Washington's army and then you ask well wait a second that's English and well yeah this it is English but it's not English because London the city of London is not technically part of England it is its own banking it's sovereign nation a Roman banking colony still in existence these are all facts and you can cross -check them but anyway so seek and destroy corruption that is how I that is that is how I theme my discussions my conversations my talks it's what I do in Trottier with discussions truth today we're gonna talk about the Department of Education rather the state of the education system in the United States so quickly before we bring the guests on we'll be we'll be talking to Gloria Giorno and her son Stevie and getting their view as conservatives what it's been like for Stevie to go through I think it's Belmont University as a conservative so without further ado thanks for tuning in for the podcast on and we're bringing on Gloria and Stevie right now calling Laurie and Stevie this is Ian Trottier for Discussions of Truth Gloria hi nice to meet meet you and welcome to Discussions of Truth I've looked at some of the work that you're you've excellent hi Stevie so thanks for for joining the the the show and please give listeners an introduction to who you are Gloria you can start tell listeners who you are what you what you do and then and then Stevie you can do the same please I try to destroy a young conservative and I also did a nonprofit the name of it is United Women Foundation what we do is mentor employ aid and young conservative women who are in Stevie's situation and we also give out scholarships to conservatives who are not in need of a scholarship but who are conservatives and who are promoting the conservative agenda in their lives thank you Gloria and that's United Women Foundation calm I'll go ahead and put a link to that in the episode Stevie go ahead and introduce yourself for us please well thank you very much for having us on my name is Stevie Giorno and I serve as the chairman of the Tennessee Young Republicans and I am the former student body president at Belmont University where I was attacked by the radical left for being proud of my country and being proud to be an American on the 4th of July in 2020 during the as a mother for protecting your your family and your country I've looked at the website I've looked a little bit about both of you and what's interesting is you have been you've come my way and your stories come my way through a contact there in Florida and your Stevie your story is daughter went through something very similar and in her university classes but Stevie go ahead and tell us a little bit about about what you experienced you were the student body president at Belmont University yet you were attacked for your political views isn't that right picture of myself in front of the White House and I captioned it that I was proud to be an American and I thanked those who had sacrificed and served so that we may have the freedoms and liberties that our forefathers intended for us and within 24 hours my fraternity was blackmailing me threatening to label me a racist and remove me from the fraternity there were hundreds of comments on my Instagram post and there were hundreds of signatures on a change .org petition that sought to remove me as the duly elected student body president even though I was elected unanimously with almost 99 98 % of the vote and so it was really bad that students friends of mine my fraternity brothers wanted to attack me because I was proud to be from this country you know my grandparents escaped from communism in Yugoslavia and my mother lived there for a year so I've heard the first -hand horrors of what happens in a communist country and I fear that our country is headed that way every single day. Now what's interesting is one of the articles that I that I went through briefly was is written by Campus Reform it's published on an online newsletter called Campus Reform and one of the stories that they have today actually talks about glorifying Che you Guevara know this is a this is a socialist figure that that helped with the with the cubist Cuban communist revolution and Fidel Castro you're you're talking about your family having come from communist Yugoslavia are you seeing are you seeing Stevie in in in in your experience on on campus now I don't know what you're doing now maybe you graduated you can bring us up to date with where you at right now but are you seeing some of these same the same signs that that perhaps your mother or your grandparents were talking about that were that were red flags for for communism growing within the country are you seeing that experiencing that I do and I think unfortunately it is getting worse specifically at Belmont University they refused the school is refusing to allow a turning point USA chapter on campus I think it it's it's it's awful it's an infringement on our First Amendment right to freedom of speech and freedom of belief to protest to assemble and so it's really unfortunate what's going on with with colleges and universities I graduated in the spring of 2021 but I have heard of the horror stories happening at private Christian schools so -called Christian schools happening across the country and until students and parents and grandparents begin to see what is happening you know the first step to solving a problem is acknowledging it exists and it's there and it's not going to get better until enough conservative students and parents realize that they need to stop funding the indoctrination machines of universities and change course well it's very brave of you to say that glory I want want to get your your view and and and I want to first first say this I opened this show up before I brought you on with talking about somebody named Charlotte Iserbyt and I'm happy to send you her link to her book it's called the deliberate dumbing down of America what she did was she started dissecting what was happening under the Reagan administration with the attack on the indoctrination that we're seeing fruits of today a few decades later but Gloria did you did you ever expect or suspect that something like this might happen to your son I I he gets into college were there any anything anything happening up to that time where he's now the student body president of Belmont University anything before that that you were that you questioned well you know hey they he might he might need to defend himself or was this a complete surprise to you it was a complete surprise there was absolutely nothing the handbook the literature the online documentation about Belmont University everything fit a conservative Christian agenda there was nothing I mean personally I think it's a bait and switch but there was absolutely nothing I was friends with some of the professors who are conservatives at Belmont or who were conservatives at Belmont and we had spoken for two years before Stevie made the decision to go there and no there was not any kind of indication that anything like this would happen now we would never allowed our son to want to go to a school where he would have been threatened for his beliefs I mean he had been working for Republican candidates since he was 17 years old so it was out in the open it's on his LinkedIn it's public so no I mean we we were told on every tour we were told at every meeting that this was a fully free campus there would be no harassment it was Christian it was conservative and I read the handbook and Stevie followed all the guidelines when these things did start to occur he did follow all the guidelines he followed all the rules he turned everything into administration and they did nothing absolutely nothing and Stevie yeah go ahead to this day they have not responded in any way shape or form nothing and this has been three years now so you have not gotten a formal response from the school administration Stevie you're simply in DC taking a photograph outside the White House expressing your gratitude for the country and the values that it stands for did you ever suspect this type of backlash coming from the because he knew that if he spoke out against them that they would send him to a camp where he'd never be heard from again and really that whole year of 2020 was either you agree with everything we're saying you endorse the BLM organization but we're gonna do everything we can to destroy you and in fact because Tennessee is a single -party consent state that means you can record conversations with only one person knowing I did record those conversations with my fraternity which my mom put into her book and in those conversations my fellow friends my fraternity brothers say if you do not apologize for your post if you do not endorse this group we're gonna do whatever it takes to destroy you and your career and your reputation so it's a more mild form of what happens in communist countries but because these students were not held accountable it is only going to get worse and worse and it did I mean there was one instance where a female student who worked at a fast -food restaurant I would go to for my breakfast in the mornings she admitted in the official College Democrat group text that she was putting quote gross stuff in my drinks every single day because I was a an awful conservative who loved this country and one endorsed the BLM organization and the school guess what the school did when I turned her in what did they do they accepted her into Belmont law school you gotta be kidding me I'm serious 100 % she was rewarded for attacking a political opponent and I think that's dangerous as we see what's going on with President Trump he is being attacked because he's leading in the polls and it's truly unfortunate that we're becoming a banana republic yeah did the did she make you sick with whatever she put in the drinks and we couldn't even get the Nashville police who are unfortunately very short staff due to the liberal City Council and the liberal mayor at the time unfortunately they were they were unable to investigate it because I was perfectly fine thankfully but they said since there was no lasting issues that they refused to investigate and then the school accepted this girl into law school with full knowledge of everything she had done struck so it it shows the systemic problem we're having and imagine if this is happening in a conservative Christian private university in Nashville Tennessee one of the most conservative states imagine what's going on in all 49 other states we don't have the ability to record conversations and to take screenshots of texts and emails and and have such transparency I mean it's terrifying to think what's happening in these other colleges yeah very well said Stevie tell us about that book and tell us about how tell us about how it's been received my husband and I we want to speak out on this we want people to know I need parents and grandparents to know what their children and yes very teen but there still are children what they face and what they are up against when they go away to school we need for parents to fight back we need for parents to take a stand if 40 % of students stopped attending their respective universities you know that the agenda at universities with administration would change so we as conservatives we have that title of being silent majority because usually we are silent well Stevie and I wanted to change that hence the book I use I feel that the book is an educational tool for parents learn from what happened to my son learn from the experience that we've had we went to this university many times it's not far from our home we investigated it we knew people who worked there who taught there and never once did we feel that it was going to be a threat to our son and look what happened so whatever you're seeing I dread to think what's going on at public schools I just dread but I want parents to learn learn read the book you'll see everything is documented in there as my son said fortunately we're able to record and we're able to use everything for information but we need for parents to be more active in their students and their children's educations even when they are at college because they are all indoctrination facilities I did live in a communist country I went to first grade in Zagreb which was then Yugoslavia in 1972 and I can tell you that on my way to school my walk to school every morning I had 1 ,000 US dollars in my backpack I knew if civil unrest broke out at the age of six I knew how to get out of Yugoslavia get into a cab that was waiting for me at the end of the hill and that cab driver would take me to the border of Yugoslavia in Italy where one of my aunts would meet me and my parents would come when they were able I also knew the police officer on the corner he wasn't there for me he wasn't there to make sure that I'd be safe or anybody else he was definitely there to protect the communist regime and Josip Tito who was the dictator at the time and the parallels that I saw with what I experienced living in a communist country and what my son endured at Belmont University it's there if it's clear as day and I want to enlighten everyone who wants to hear from me I want all parents to know this is happening in our country now too we are being silenced and shut down the title of the book folks is outcast how the radical left tried to destroy a young conservative and that is Stevie so Stevie was this a the attack on you was this coming from the BLM movement at Belmont University or in Nashville have you identified the nucleus of where this attack came from okay so let me ask you a broader question we saw during the Trump Tifa uprisings mainly Seattle Portland but obviously across the country Chicago New York but that coincided with this this COVID -19 virus outbreak as a as a university student you've now graduated but Stevie were you were you drawing any parallels to either of these things happening during the Trump administration that seemingly linked to a communist revolt within the country does that making sense were you able to draw any connect any dots Stevie we know from history that it usually doesn't work that way and the government's gonna keep taking more and more of our rights and when you couple that with what is happening what did happen in 2020 with with the riots and people getting away with committing crimes to where if you and I or anyone else who was a conservative did burn down a courthouse like they did in Nashville or protest and kill innocent people in the streets we would go to jail however because they were advancing a political movement that the liberal district attorneys in big cities supported they were let go and they were not punished like they should have been like we would have been so the hypocrisy is terrible I think it does parallel communism to where you know if you remember the black shirts Mussolini's black shirts taking control of the Italian government because they were the advancing political agenda and movement that the powers that be wanted them to they were able to harass and intimidate people into supporting them and I fear that our country is going that way and we need people to stand up now if we're ever hoping to take back our country and get it back on the right track and under control Gloria the book is recently published it looks like it was just published last month and you've got us forward by Sam Sorbo how's the reception of the book been so far what are people saying who have you spoke to about it how is it being received lot Gloria a of media outlets that are reaching out to us I'm being asked to speak almost on a daily basis different organizations different groups Stevie and I have traveled to a lot of different states throughout the country and we will continue to be touring and we are I have started a conversation and parents are now extending that conversation with their friends and that is the goal we need to start with one person talking to another and now the growth has been exponential it's incredible the book is selling very well it's available on Amazon and wherever books are sold but from what I have witnessed and the calls I am getting yes it is and I mean if we as conservatives don't speak up we're gonna be done this is it and if America Falls there is nowhere else to go and our children are being indoctrinated I don't care what level of schooling it's that they're being indoctrinated on every single level and if parents do not set a strong foundation in the household when the child is born and continue that throughout a child's life when they go to college always we will not be America any longer so the book is being well received I do have parents who have reached out to me and who have asked me questions likewise I do have some haters but that's how I know I'm making a difference because the hate is there as well yeah absolutely well said it's like when you went once you're censored you know that you're putting up the correct information on the online right Stevie are you concentrating on any particular campuses as you tour the country you point of a Christian organization and unfortunately they they canceled the meeting that was going to happen at Belmont and so been trying to help the students out there at Belmont but really I think the key thing is getting in front of as many young people as possible who are conservative and letting them know that they're not alone that the hardships they're going through have happened before and they're gonna happen again and we've got to stand up tall for what we believe in and we can't be scared of people saying mean things about us or what people put on social media or what they may say to us we've got to stand up for what we believe in if there's any chance of saving our country thank you very much let me ask you this question Gloria as we as we wind down and then I want to give each of you an opportunity to leave listeners with some final words and thoughts but Gloria as somebody who's lived in a communist country and it sounded like you did at least one year schooling their first grade what's happening right now to the border of your country what's happening down there they believe they have freedom and to an extent they do and I equate it to when I speak I speak to a lot of young people because young people are what United Women Foundation is mostly about and so when I speak I they look at me very oddly when I tell my story but what I have found that works very well is I bring up a lion at a zoo and he's in a zoo he's caged his needs are met he has food he has shelter he has water he has medical attention and it's all for free but he is still in that cage but he is able to roam in that cage correct and then we have the next picture a lion picture lion in Wyoming in Montana anywhere in this country roaming freely that lion bends for himself he finds his own food he finds his own shelter he finds his own water he takes care of himself that lion is independent to me that is the difference that is the bottom line that is the difference between communism and America that is the difference between our constitution is that lion that is roaming free throughout this country and that's what we are right now so that is something that I think resonates with young people and I I believe that putting it in a perspective of a picture like that they are beginning to understand a little bit I hope at least I mean I don't know right now what I'm seeing is a lot of people have said we cannot have an opinion because we have not experienced it which truly breaks my heart my family in Croatia thinks that they are free in effect my family basically is a caged lion yeah incredible and and let me review what is happening right now at the southern border in in the U .S.

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