A highlight from Neglect of Domestic Issues: Americas Growing Concerns with Karoline Leavitt

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Donald Trump is the only candidate in America, on both sides, that cannot be bought. He is running because he loves this country, he loves this country's people, and he wants to save it from the hell that Joe Biden has put it through. Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, and my fellow citizens, America's comeback now. starts right All right, welcome back Financial Guys Media Network, Mike Sbarroza, in for another exclusive interview today. I have the pleasure of having Caroline Levitt, a spokeswoman for MAGA, Inc. with me today. Caroline, thanks for joining us. Thank you so much for having me, Mike. I appreciate it. Absolutely. So if you didn't get the hint, MAGA, Inc., she is working, you know, I shouldn't say for the president, but working on the president in terms of the campaign and plugging what he does really well. Caroline, I've seen you on Newsmax, I've seen you on Fox News, a lot of different places, and you've said a lot of great things. I saw you go at it with a Ron DeSantis campaigner the other day, I liked that, that was a lot of fun. Let me just talk about a few talking points, though, about the president and issues that the left is now claiming the president has. So just this week, he was in, was it New Hampshire he was in, South Carolina it was. Yeah. And he went to a gun store and now they're saying that he violated his legal obligations, he went and bought a gun. From everybody that was there said that was not true. Your thoughts on the left now saying he should be put in jail for buying a firearm. Honestly, it's completely unsurprising at this point. They will do and say anything that they possibly can to try and attack President Trump. He was visiting a small business, visiting a gun store in the great state of South Carolina. The owners there are big supporters of his, and they had gifted him a Glock that was ingrained with Trump 45. And then the Democrats, you know, absolutely went ballistic in trying to say that he was violating laws. And it's just ridiculous. This is how, this is what they do. They go after President Trump for absolutely everything, but then they turn a blind eye to the real crimes committed by their own party, namely Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, who almost evaded charges on a federal gun violation, which he's now facing an indictment for with an attorney that was handpicked by Merrick Garland, who's from Biden's home state. So the corruption goes on and on and the Democrat side of the media says nothing, but they're constantly attacking the former president. Voters see right through this crap, really doesn't matter. You'll see that in the polls shortly.

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