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Yo intro first You're against freedom Yeah, we're gonna salute Bitcoin live we're your number one source for the peaceful Bitcoin revolution for breaking news culture manic warfare We will be your guide through The separation of money and state. I hope everyone had an amazing effing weekend I did I got to chill, you know everyone on the weekends like man like like what'd you do? What like, you know, what did you do anything crazy news, whatever? No, man I stayed home and I chilled and I relaxed because the week, you know, it's the Bitcoin rollercoaster making Bitcoin media You know, it's a grind. I'm not gonna lie It's very purposeful and I'm very very grateful and privileged Opti and I are and the rest of the simply Bitcoin crew But but it is it is quite a bit of a grind. So on weekends, I get to chill. Anyways enough of that breaking news Michael Saylor buys Even more Bitcoin the man or micro strategy better said now owns almost 1 % of all Bitcoin sky talk about Conviction this is conviction Michael Saylor is proving to the world and this is something that I've been saying guys in the next two or three years it is going to be Undeniable, it's gonna be an undeniable fact that naim bukele's Bitcoin strategy and Michael sailors strategy on the public company level is Going to be an alternative than holding fiat currencies on their balance sheets Especially with the FASB rule changes, especially with the Bitcoin ETF around the corner there They're gonna they're trying to do whatever it takes and I believe it's politically motivated I'm not the only Bitcoin or that has said this by the way That they're you know, they're trying to slow this down But it's gonna be undeniable and they're gonna have a very hard time Debunking this that Bitcoin Itself, it's just a better money It's just better money and governments are gonna have a hard time disputing that and the reason they're gonna have a hard time Disputing that number one is because they're always going to do they're always gonna want to debase their currency They can't afford the endless wars. They can't afford sending billions of dollars to Ukraine If they didn't have the money printer, so they're gonna have a really hard time explaining that away and number two Censorship, of course, right and the control on money itself, right? A lot of the reasons that the BRIC nations have sought alternatives to the US dollar Not only because the US government is printing a ridiculous amount of money but also because they've politicized the money they've weaponized the money against their political opponents and Fine, you could you can make the argument. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna make those judgments the government of North Korea are bad Okay, and the government of Russia is bad the government of Cuba is bad. I'm not gonna get into those arguments, right? but let's talk about The vast majority of people that live in those countries that are not have nothing to do with the government They're just like you and you and me. They're just trying to get by they get caught in those sanctions they have nothing to do with it and The system that they want you to live in is if you live in a certain if you were if you happen to be born in a certain country You happen to have certain political beliefs. You are not entitled to have to open a bank account You are a danger. You're a risk. Well Bitcoin is for you Bitcoin is your money it works. So they're gonna have a hard time and this is why we call it the separation of money and state This is why we bring up the book the sovereign individuals so much because it absolutely Hit the nail on the head this what we're living through right now, but it's not only money It's also the disintermediation of information which is happening at the same time. You're seeing it with the Russell Brand stuff You're seeing it with the Tucker stuff Independent content creators are now getting more views and more traction than the legacy corporate media of which they cannot control and that freaks them out too, so After we got over this hill after we endure this this this bumpy transitionary period and if we win the race to avoid the war I Agree with Corey Clifton from swan I think that there's a bright orange future ahead of us and I've never been so pumped about it But I got to say one last thing before I bring up my legendary co -host Michael sailor Please leave some Bitcoin for the rest of us. Anyways Opti. How you doing, brother? I'm doing great man doing great. I also unplugged this weekend. It felt good I was literally joking with everyone in the spaces. I literally lived the meme. Did you guys catch the game this weekend? I unplugged completely what game did he catch? I caught all the games. I didn't do anything yesterday I literally did not a thing yesterday, but watch football Throw tomatoes all you want, but it was it's a great weekend It's good to be a big corner and then also guys mad sailor leave some Bitcoin for the rest of us she It's almost like you taking it all it's almost like you trying to buy all the Bitcoin. Yeah. No, he definitely is bro He he owns 1 % he almost owns 1 % of every Bitcoin. We're at that point. We're at that point in the movie, dude Well, I think this is the PSA where we tell everyone to stop selling your Bitcoin to Michael sailor and huddle onto them coins We're in the dark it actually I saw a good tweet before we go on Nico I saw a good tweet this weekend and it was something on the lines of like Dang, I wish I could remember but it was something like Willy. Woo is bearish Someone there is another part and then it's like and Bitcoin maxis are watching d3 football like if you can't tell that this is the deepest parts of a bear market Like are you even watching there? It was a great tweet I wish I could say it off the top of my head But as you can tell we're in the deep parts of the bear market I hope you guys are stacked and I hope you guys are getting your cash flows up and Just you know getting your body right mine, right? This is the time to get your UTXOs in order to make sure that everything is copa static as we move into a crazy Bull run. Anyways, Nico, we were gonna have a guest today But I'm kind of glad that they didn't show up because I wrote an article for once guys And I'm actually really hyped on this one so I'm gonna read it for you I'm gonna do my best guy Swan impersonation today, and I I think you guys are gonna really like this one So, I don't know it. It's got a lot of soul. It's got some spirit in it It gets me hyped up and maybe I'll give you context for it. I'll just read it and see what Nico thinks He I don't even think Nico seen this yet So I'm excited to get his response his reaction to we're gonna do a reaction video on today's simply Bitcoin Anyway, you go let's get into the show. Are we gonna get a Nico Jones take today? Are we gonna get a wild Nico John? I think so. We got something spicy for the numbers, bro. Let's jump in today. I bet The Bitcoin numbers is your Bitcoin in cold storage really secure is your seed phrase Really secure stamped seeds do -it -yourself kit has everything you need to hammer your seed words into commercial grade Titanium plates instead of just writing them on paper Don't store your generational wealth on paper papers prone to water damage fire damage You want to put your generational wealth on one of the strongest metals on planet Earth? titanium your words are actually stamped into this metal plate with this hammer and these letter stamps and once your words are in they Aren't going anywhere. No risk of the plate breaking apart and pieces falling everywhere Titanium stamped seeds will survive nearly triple the heat produced by a house fire They're also crush proof waterproof non -corrosive and time proof all things that paper is not allowing you to huddle your Bitcoin with peace of mind for The long haul stamp your seed on stamped seed. All right, everybody. I literally made it super frickin easy Don't put yourself in a situation while you lost Why you have to explain to your grandchildren while you lost your generational wealth because you stored your seed on paper store it on Titanium scan the QR code on your screen use promo code simply get 15 % off anything on the stamp seed website anyways at the time of recording The Bitcoin price is twenty six thousand three hundred and forty sats per dollar three thousand seven hundred ninety seven block height eight hundred nine thousand three hundred and three blocks to having Thirty thousand six hundred ninety seven having estimate April 21st 2024 total lightning network capacity four thousand six hundred seventy three Bitcoin Capacity value one hundred twenty three million u .s. Dollars realized monetary inflation one point seven five percent the market capitalization of Bitcoin 513 billion dollars with the B Bitcoin verse gold market cap three point nine nine percent All right, everybody so Opti said Nico Jones ran potential Nico Jones rant What what is this potential Nico Jones rant gonna be about? Well, we've talked about the you know It comes from like the political front this this this saying but I'm gonna apply it to Central bankers, I'm gonna apply to politicians Right, and there is something in the in the political Rhetoric recently and it's called the iron law of something projection, right? So we're gonna take away the political rhetoric because we believe on simply bitcoins not left versus right, right? It's a party of orange versus party of green party of central bank digital currencies nihilism poverty slavery versus a party of freedom Bitcoin Prosperity opportunity optimism, right? So that's really what it's about But I'm gonna take that rhetoric because it is very very powerful rhetoric and I'm gonna say the iron law of central bank Politicians projection never fails it never frickin fails let me introduce you to senator Mendez of New Jersey and let's take a look at what he has to say about Naeem Bukele of El Salvador We have an increasing challenging situation in El Salvador one that threatens both the future democracy in the country and bilateral relations of the United States Over the last two years president Bukele has presided over a number a number of alarming setbacks for democratic governance undermining judicial independence intimidating opposition lawmakers by using security forces to occupy the legislature negotiating political pacts with gangs regularly attacking journalists and media outlets and In addition to these actions Bukele has also repeatedly used his network of Twitter trolls to attract and to attack And threaten not only government critics within El Salvador, but also United States officials We have an increasing challenging situation in El Salvador one So this is just internalize everything everything that this guy said right, you know senator meant You know, he sounded so legitimate.

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