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Yeah, welcome to Simply Bitcoin Live, we're your number one source for the peaceful Bitcoin and religion of carbon making news called Traumatic Warfare. We will be your guide through the separation of money and state before anyone makes fun of me in the chat. My mother -in -law got me these like blue light blocker glasses and I put them on last night and I felt like immediate relief and there's like different shades for it. So like these are like nighttime when the TV is there and then these are like right before you're gonna go to sleep but apparently these are for daytime. Anyways, they're badass, your eyes literally feel like they're relaxing and Opti of course is already trolling me and as well, I'm sure the chat is as well. So that's why I'm wearing these, maybe I'll continue wearing, they feel good, I'm on my computer all day, you know what, I don't care at this point. Anyways guys, today's gonna be a great, great show, orange tinted glasses, I didn't think about that. Today's gonna be a great show, we're gonna talk about the man, the myth, the legend, Tucker Carlson himself. His show last night that he released on Twitter, which I highly, highly recommend, actually has last time I checked, 320 million views, it beat the interview that he did with Donald Trump by like 100 million views. And once again, you have a politician, right, so Justin Trudeau is basically gaslighting saying like, you know, we have to put price controls on the grocery stores for raising the prices and all that stuff. But you have a politician who is literally identifying the problem, he's literally saying the government is the problem, the money printing is the problem, the government is the sole cause of these things. You have an Austrian economist who has a really good opportunity, really good shot at winning the presidency. And why I believe this video was so popular was the same reason as to why I believe that video Richmond, North of Richmond, went viral the way it did. People are feeling the pain, people are questioning the current system, and people are desperately seeking an alternative, which is why I believe this this hardcore libertarian Austrian economist has a really good shot at winning the presidency in Argentina, and the country is currently dealing with 100 % inflation, like, like, obviously, people are questioning it. And when you have a politician who's actually identifying the real cause of inflation, like people put two and two together, right? Javier Meli wouldn't be popular if he didn't strike a nerve. Richmond North of Richmond wouldn't have gone viral, right? Without any of the marketing and any of the push by the big studios, it was just basically a very small studio, it's a guy in his backyard with his dog, literally singing into a microphone. That would not have gone viral if it did not resonate with people, if people weren't feeling the pain that he was feeling, right? So this is, we are living through, in my opinion, the separation of money and state. All these roads, like even if Oliver Anthony, and even if, you know, Javier Meli, you know, and we know he likes Bitcoin, but you know, he wants to dollarize the country, all roads eventually lead to Bitcoin. Some people take the longer road, some people take the shorter road, but eventually it all leads to the inevitable conclusion that we have to separate money from state, because as long as the state has the privilege of being able to create money for free that everyone else has to work for, they will abuse that privilege to benefit themselves and benefit their friends at the expense of everyone else. And this is exactly what Bitcoin fixes. So this is really, really exciting times. Tucker, I don't think he would be at this point if it wasn't with the conversations that he had with Naeem Bukhale. Tucker would not be at this point if it wasn't, if he didn't have the conversations with Michael Saylor. Tucker would not be at this point if he didn't have the conversations with Max Keiser. And even though he was the most popular broadcaster on the legacy corporate media, his words were so dangerous that they had to fire the guy. And that makes sense. Look at all the other articles that are that's coming out of the legacy corporate media attacking Naeem Bukhale, attacking Javier Milli. Because I think they're exposing the fraud that is fiat money and the fraud that is the current established system anyways, it's going to be a great show before we get to it. I want to bring up my legendary co -hosts. We're both wearing glasses now, Opti. Opti was making, I was telling you hard, it's so much fun of me in the beginning, but I'm going to buy you a pair. You're going to be you're never going to take off anymore because I need the colorblind one. Your eyes are literally going to relax, bro. Like your eyes are literally like look at my eyes are like relaxing right now. They're like they're like, oh, like I don't even know what that means that your eyes feel relief. Like you don't even know what that means, bro. I have no idea. I've never looked as cool as you do right now with those glasses on. So I wouldn't know. I wouldn't know. But anything anyways to the opening monologue, which was great, very, very eloquent. And you had that politician rhetoric going right there. I really liked it. I really enjoyed it. One of the things that's pretty crazy is the fact that Tucker got so many views on this. What what I don't know what it is now, but last time I checked, it was like three twenty two, three hundred twenty two million. Like that's damn near the whole U .S. population. And we all know that Fox wasn't getting to every single person in the U .S. Obviously, it's global. But that reach that Tucker has on Twitter or X is just it's absolutely crazy. And this goes back to what we keep saying all the time of breaking the echo chamber and planting these ideas. And of course, Tucker doesn't have to go full Bitcoin maxi like we do on our show. But the fact he's having these conversations, I think does feel like a shift in the zeitgeist and people are waking up. And we've been kind of covering pinpoints and receipts about this constantly, whether it's the song, whether it's a post that I did yesterday in the culture, whether it's the tick tock videos, like people are feeling the pain and they're asking the questions. And so, you know, the soil is right for people to understand Bitcoin and for everyone to get on the Bitcoin standard. So it's just, wow, three hundred and thirty five million views now. OK, the Overton window is crazy, man, is shifting, man. People are sick and tired. People are sick and tired of the gaslighting. You had Opti's ex -girlfriend literally telling people that the cause of inflation is because workers are asking for more salary. Like it's absurd. Anyways, we do have a very special guest today. We have James from Stamp Seed and we're going to talk about the stamp seed before. Look, I got to show off my stamp seed hammer. Look at this thing. Nice. There you go. We got we got to we got to stamp seed hammers. So I'm very excited for the culture. We're going to talk about the stamp seed, why you should back up your Bitcoin wallet seed words on titanium, one of the strongest metals on planet Earth. Is that is that correct, James? That's correct. One hundred percent. Yeah, man. So we're going to we're going to we're going to. We're going to dive deep into all that. And I know a lot of you guys I know that you did you guys did a lot of the stress testing. I think it was Lop that did some of the stress testing comments. Migo, you remind me of Bono from YouTube. It's true, but I don't think Bono was wearing these. I think Bono was wearing these for stylistic reasons. I'm wearing these so that my eyes could relax from the from the evil blue light that's coming out of my screen anyways. So, yeah, you guys did a lot of stress testing on the stamp seed. That's correct, right? Yeah. We haven't had Lop stress tested yet. I think that's in the works right now. But we tested ourselves in house, various different sources of heat. One of them was a blowtorch, which is similar to Elon Musk, not a flamethrower, which is reaching temperatures triple the average house fire. This is one of the plates that we had stress tested. You can see it's been burnt to a crisp. That's why there's all that discoloration. We marred it up. So where you can see those hammer marks are hit. You can still see your letters. It might not come out too clear in the camera. Bent it, crushed it, you know, being that it's one solid piece and your letters are stamped deep into the metal when you bend it. Things aren't going to. There you go. Look at that. Look at that. Yeah. Things aren't going to fall apart. You know, there's no loose pieces, no loose tiles, you know, Scrabble pieces, I like to call them. Everything's in there. Yeah. Like this is like as if your house caught on fire that elephants stamped on the ruins afterwards. Yeah, right. This is what this looks like. Yeah. Or if you know your house, you know, you have two floors, maybe the first floor collapses during that fire. And, you know, you have some crushing issues on top of it. But chances are things like that hopefully aren't happening to most people. But if they do, you're secure. If they do, your money, your generational wealth is protected. Anyways, guys, let's jump into the numbers. I want to talk about Tucker. I want to talk about with about everything that's been happening. Let's check it out. The Bitcoin numbers, is your Bitcoin and cold storage really secure? Is your seed phrase really secure? Stamped seeds do it yourself kit has everything you need to hammer your seed words into commercial grade titanium plates instead of just writing them on paper. Don't store your generational wealth on paper. Paper is prone to water damage, fire damage. You want to put your generational wealth on one of the strongest metals on planet Earth titanium. Your words are actually stamped into this metal plate with this hammer and these letter stamps. And once your words are in, they aren't going anywhere. No risk of the plate breaking apart and pieces falling everywhere. Titanium stamp seeds will survive nearly triple the heat produced by a house fire. They're also crush proof, waterproof, non -corrosive and time proof. All things that paper is not allowing you to huddle your Bitcoin with peace of mind for the long haul. Stamp your seed on stamp seed. All right, guys, I literally made it super easy for you guys. You can scan the QR code on your screen. It'll take you directly to the stamp seed website and you can use promo code simply to get 15 percent off any of the stamp seed products. And I know you guys are doing custom back plates, too. I saw some that were really bad ass. Yeah. So do you have one, by the way, on hand? I do, actually.

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