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With Bloomberg, you get the story behind the story, the story behind the global birth rate, behind your EV battery's environmental impact, behind sand, yeah, sand, you get context. And context changes everything. Go to Bloomberg .com to get context. All right, we told you about Mike Pence, he's gonna join us 5 p .m. Washington time on Balance of Power, and we're gonna bring it to you here on Bloomberg Radio. We'll meet you back then. Kaley, have a great weekend. You too, Jeff. Bloomberg Business Week starts right now. Live from the Bloomberg Interactive Brokers Studio, streaming on YouTube and Bloomberg Originals. It is Friday, September 15th, 2023. I'm Jess Mitten, along with my co -host, Bloomberg TV correspondent, Simone Foxman, who we're both in for Carol Masser and Tim Stenovick, who do have the day off. Happy Friday, Simone. Happy Friday, Jess. Yeah, we're holding down the fort. We are. What an honor, right? Who's who in this situation? It's always a pleasure, though, filling in for both of them. But as you know, Simone, looking over at the U .S. stock market, though, unfortunately, jeopardizing those weekly gains because of today's losses really driven a lot. Not surprisingly, when you have a four trillion dollar triple witching event, especially in the options market, really amping up some of this volatility as we get into the weekend. But you know what? There was some brighter news. U .S. inflation expectations fell to the lowest in more than two years when you're looking at that latest University of Michigan survey. And consumers are growing more optimistic about that.

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