Josh Mandel: Any Candidate Who Doesn't Care About Ukraine Is Pro-Putin


I'm asking you about Ukraine We're not even asking for feet on the ground We're not going to have asbestos I can tell Infantry there just supporting the Ukrainian people to stop the Russians They are being slaughtered It looks like those black and white pictures not precisely but close enough From you know half from 80 90 years ago what do you make of that I mean can we really afford Republicans who go to Washington D.C. and sound like isolationists Anyone who's running for the U.S. Senate who says quote they don't care what happens in Ukraine one way or another In my mind is unqualified to serve in the United States Senate and also their pro Putin I mean that is the pro Putin position and you're listeners know this because your listeners believe in the Reagan doctrine and believe in peace through strength But going back to when the wall fell Putin was the KGB chief in Dresden and when the KGB station emptied out he was there burning documents and he was the last guy there He gets surrounded by troops He thought it was end of his life Somehow he wiggled his way out And he talks about that moment as the most embarrassing moment for himself personally and the most embarrassing moment for his mother Russia and his entire life and he blames it squarely on Ronald Reagan and the United States of America And ever since that moment Mark Vladimir Putin has hated America and hated everything we stand for So to have any candidate for office in America any politician in America to say who cares what happens in Ukraine they are pro Putin And in my mind it's an anti American position And it's just unqualified someone for office let alone the United States Senate

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