Pilot Announces End of US Mask Mandate Mid-Flight


Let's go to cut 33, a pilot announces the removal of the mask mandate mid flight cut 33. April 18th, the Biden administration announced that the transportation security administration will no longer enforce the federal mandate requiring mass in all U.S. airports and on foreign aircraft. Finally. Effectively immediately master optional for all airport employees crew members and customers inside U.S. airports and onboard aircraft. Now look, this is what's important though, is that they need at least have the physical costume, if you will, that an emergency is continuing. 90% of cap passengers clapped and screamed in these videos. We can keep playing them. Which really shows the pulse of the population. Now, if the planes were filled with mass proponents, these people would have been crying, it wouldn't really upset. Now, I don't know if you know this, but you know you could still wear a mask, even though it's not mandated. I know that's a shocking thing for people to hear. Do you think they work, then keep wearing a mask? But look, this now shows that the emergency is over and to this wonderful judge. Catherine Kimball mizelle, to her great credit. She has made a decision and the decision was that the rule was not written correctly. This is an overreach of the fourth branch of government, the unelected, unchecked, unknown branch of government the CDC, these powers must be done through the legislative branch. It was a pure constitutional decision and God bless her. She's making America a happier place.

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