TPUSA's Jobob Reporting From UC Berkeley


Your approach, by the way, because you were a sort of undercover, you were keep California weird or perfectly weird or something like that. And we have some clips here that we can show. Actually, you know what? That's what we'll do. We'll start with that. This will give people a good primer for what you were doing. Cut 90 is some of your handiwork, Joe bob. Let's go ahead and play cut 90. Well, tell me, what's his deal? Should we like, what's his deal? If you don't like it, you're literally talking them out. Wow. You know he just tweeted that Kamala Harris vice presidency was affirmative action. At this point. The guy that gave us this, and he seemed like, I feel like nobody wants to work with Russia. Like, right? Like that's amazing. So tell us what you were doing. What we just saw. So Charlie who set up doing his thing, which was hilarious and I wish I could have seen more of it because I think there was some substantial Duncan on leftist thought there going on at the table, but we were incognito, kind of going around milling around with my black beanie on my sunglasses, my black shirt kind of just confused and aloof of everything happening at the protest. I think there are people protesting, but I don't think there was definitely some Nazi name calling going on, yes. Well, so I was just asking questions. Like I wasn't going out there to like stump people on their dumb ideas. I was just asking questions and letting people talk themselves. And a lot of the footage that I think we're going to see eventually. They're cutting it up and making it look all nice and pretty. Is people talking themselves into circles. We had one girl, by the way, who was adamantly chasing us down afterwards saying, you need to delete my footage. I have the right to have you delete all of my footage. You don't have the right to film me. And you know, we didn't get into the stole her essence or something. Yeah, the legality of like, hey, you knew that you were being filmed, so no, we don't have to do whatever you

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