Small museum known for ground zero tours could shut in weeks


New York's nine eleven tribute museum is poised to close within weeks the nine eleven tribute museum dates back to two thousand four at the site of a former Delhi steps away from ground zero nine eleven tribute museum is about the survivor community it's about those people that came down here as heroes to help support the rebuilding of lower Manhattan and are now sick with the toxins that they experience down here five million visitors have been through the museum but co founder and CEO Jennifer Adams Webb says the corona virus has hurt business unfortunately in March of twenty twenty we had to close our doors for six months and that really was difficult on top of the move and then we were able to re open in September of twenty twenty the outlook for the tribute museum is not good but we are still hoping that a champion could step forward Adams web sees a window of opportunity it is in the millions but it's not insurmountable the nine eleven tribute museum relies heavily on admission and tour fees I bet Donahue

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