Candace Owens Shares Her Perspective on the Russia-Ukraine Situation


More Candace. Welcome back to the program. Thanks for having me. How you doing? I'm doing great. So walk us through your perspective on the Russian Ukrainian situation. How should we be thinking about this? It's a really wild perspective to have that people should not be discriminated against. And it's crazy to me that especially following the aggressive two year Black Lives Matter campaign. This is something that even needs to be said considering we just had the entire world marching hands pretending that discriminatory practices is what was plaguing western society. And yet this breaks out this war breaks out between Russia and Ukraine and everybody gets on board. Absent any facts, by the way. The entire western narrative is let's keep people extremely ignorant with propaganda. And just use emotional engineering when it comes to discussing the issues at hand. I mean, to see the press first and foremost reporting that Putin just woke up one day, right? And this is how stupid it's like telling a story to a toddler who woke up one day, didn't take his crazy pills and then decided to bomb Ukraine. Does that even sound like a serious foreign policy perspective in terms of what's going on in the eastern quarter? Of course not. But this is what they're asking Americans to believe. And unfortunately, ignorance is not a defensive strategy. So ignorance is the strategy that Adolf Hitler and his propagandist employed in World War II and they thought they were winning the war until the very end until they realized they weren't wearing the war. And so even if the truth makes you uncomfortable, it's important that it's discussed from a security perspective so that Americans have a realistic idea of how secure we are right now in terms of what's going on in the western corner and the answer in my opinion is not secure at all. We're not secure at all because it has never been the circumstance that America can't get OPEC to pick up the phone. You know, for America to be calling the leader of Venezuela and asking about oil, which by the way is nonsensical, giving the fact that you're saying Putin is a horrible person. If Putin's a horrible person, wouldn't you think that also the leader of Venezuela, they've been starving at citizens locking them in the country. Would also fit under that category. So it's been, it's just been a lot of nonsense and the left is being played with ignorance. And what we've been just trying to inject across the board is just a more sober analysis of what's happening, which of course includes a realistic discussion about

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