Activist Abby Johnson Talks About Her New Book 'Fierce Mercy'


Have sitting next to me here, Abby Johnson, who has a new book out called fierce, mercy, daring to live out God's compassion in bold and practical ways. So we've just heard the gist of your story. So what is this new book about fierce mercy? Yeah, so I wanted to write sort of a follow-up to unplanned. So I write on plan that comes out in 2011, then that was sort of my journey in and out of Planned Parenthood. Then I write another book called the walls are talking. And that was specific stories from inside the abortion industry. Then the film unplanned comes out in 2019. The film, the story you just told was told in a feature film called unplanned. That's right. With my friend Mike lindell driving a bulldozer. That was of course my favorite part of the film. Yeah. Mine too. But and then yesterday we're here at NRB. The woman who played you, I think I saw her yesterday. Yeah, she was here. At a gathering. But that film came out when. 29, March 2019. 2019, okay? Yeah. So keep going. And so I thought, you know, everything I've done has been really intensely focused on abortion, which I mean, that's my Wheelhouse, right? But there's so much more to my story than just I used to run a clinic, right? So, I mean, I've been married for 6, 16 years, I think, 16 years. And my husband and I have gone through a tremendous amount of healing, you know, my husband was always pro life when I worked at Planned Parenthood. So when I left Planned Parenthood, we had to go through a tremendous amount of healing, our marriage went a very tough place. So we had to work through a lot. We had a huge conversion just in our faith journey. We were kicked out of the church that we had been going to because it was pro choice. We were told we were not welcome there. You went to a church that specifically identified as pro choice. Yeah, the Episcopal Church. Oh, I've heard of the Episcopal Church. They've gone to hell in a handbasket. Yeah. In a good way, I would never insult the Episcopal Church on this program. Wow. Okay, so I mean the idea they kicked you out, they're supposed to be like really inclusive. Super tolerant. So I we were kicked out. We had this big faith transition and coming back to Christ. And then when I left Planned Parenthood, I just had one kid and actually I was a terrible mom while I worked at Planned Parenthood. I was never home, I worked 80 hours a week. I really didn't even want to be a mom. And so, you know, God really changed my heart on that too. I had to relearn how to be a mom. I had to relearn how to be a way to learn how to be a wife. And then now we have 8 children. So we went from one child to 8 children. We adopted one of our children. And so there was just a lot to our story and I wanted to talk about all of that. And

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