Curry, Warriors rally past Mavs for 2-0 lead in West finals


The warriors took a two nothing lead in the Western Conference Finals by flipping the script in the second half of a one 26 one 17 win over the Mavericks Trailing by 14 and a half time the warriors outscored the Mavs 25 13 in the third quarter before lighting up Dallas for 43 points in the final period Steph Curry scored 32 points with 6 three pointers and 8 rebounds Cavan Looney had a career high 21 points and 12 rebounds for Golden State Even hearing MVP chances he went to the line in the second half It was nerve racking I ain't got the free throw in like three weeks in the game So I'm trying to focus on making it freaked up but it was cool cool moment for me Look at that scored 18 of his 42 points in the first period game three is Sunday in Dallas I'm Dave

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