China locks down third city, raising affected to 20 million


The the Chinese Chinese city city who's who's looked looked down down its its residents residents because because of of a a covert covert nineteen nineteen up up break break raising raising the the number number confined confined to to their their homes homes in in China China to to about about twenty twenty million million people people it it wasn't wasn't clear clear how how long long the the lockdown lockdown in in honey honey young young home home to to five five point point five five million million people people would would lost lost mass mass testing testing is is being being enforced enforced standard standard procedure procedure whatever whatever outbreaks outbreaks pop pop up up around around the the massive massive country country as as well well another another fourteen fourteen point point one one million million people people a a lot lot down down into into all all the the large large cities cities with with restrictions restrictions imposed imposed on on the the port port off off from from Beijing Beijing which which used used to to host host the the winter winter Olympics Olympics from from February February for for a a games games official official responsible responsible for for disease disease control control says says if if Hamas Hamas class class the the coded coded nineteen nineteen transmission transmission happens happens it it will will impact impact the the games games on on the the schedule schedule for for shore shore I'm I'm Charles Charles to to let let us us know know

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