Charlie Explains Gov. Ron DeSantis' Parental Rights Bill in Florida


Wonderful Ron DeSantis. I mean, how great is Ron DeSantis, by the way? Isn't he amazing? He's just incredible. He passes like the most boring Bill ever, like super boring. Like you ask 99% of people in Fresno, they'd be like, why is this even controversial? Like, get away from me. Like, of course, obviously. Which is super simple, right? Like 5 seconds, 7 year olds should not be taught about transgenderism or sexual matters. Okay, that's it. Should not be taught about gender. You could read the bill yourself at 7 pages, and then the other part is that if health treatment is given to kids, parents have to be notified, okay? That's it. And so it was called the parental rights and education bill. And so this passes and Disney acted acted as if that somehow this was like a Jim Crow two against trans people or whatever. And they start running these advertisements, like this is a war on trans people. Excuse me, how is not teaching 5 year olds about these very and albeit confusing and highly politicized radical matters, an attack on trans people. And then what was amazing is you saw so many teachers come out and be like, I will not know how to teach my kindergartners anymore about math. That tells me a lot about what you were actually doing in math class. If you're not allowed to talk about anyway, I don't even want to talk about it in public. It's really disgusting, honestly. That's what we used to have words for people like this and that you could fill them in. It's not right. And so, but then most Americans look at this and you feel as if you feel like you're losing your mind at times and you watch the news. It's okay, it's actually part of the design. They want you to feel that way. You're like, wait a second. There's nothing controversial about this. Like 5, 6 and 7 year olds deserve to be protected in their innocent state. I'm not going to apologize for that, then Disney does this whole thing where they're like threatening against the governor of governor Florida. And honestly, Ron DeSantis responded correctly. He told me to cut it out. They didn't. He told him to cut it out again. He didn't. And so he treated Disney like a child because Disney doesn't care about children anymore. He said, okay, what do you do when a child misbehaves after the first couple of times? You punish him put in time out. And he said, okay, Disney, you're losing your $200 million a year tax bonus from the special carve out from the people of Florida like, okay, you're now going to go after the children of Florida and act as if we're the enemies.

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