Dr. Keith Rose Describes the 'Pfizer Docs'


Doctor Keith rose, welcome back to the Charlie Kirk show. Thanks, Andrew. Yeah. Honored to have you as always my friend. You are a wealth of knowledge. You have been privately you and I have been chatting a lot about, let's just call it the Pfizer docs, all right? It was trending on Twitter as soon as that happened. You know, if you just Google Pfizer docs right now, all you will see is about 15 articles from Reuters, AP, newsweek, fact checking some of what they call the rumors on social media and conservative messaging boards. I think this is a really fascinating conversation. So I'm going to say like this, doctor rose. I don't know how to interpret all of this data. I'll be really honest. But we have pulled here on the show a lot of very interesting screen grabs, okay? So if the people have been pulling, they've been analyzing it this way and that. And I think it's completely fair game to talk about the Pfizer dogs. Now, for people who are uninitiated, doctor rose, tell us what the Pfizer docs are and how this became a news story to begin with. Well, my understanding is that Pfizer wanted the documents that are now in the public domain. Held for 75 years, I believe, is what they requested. And that in and of itself is bizarre. I mean, that's about the equivalent of taking the national security safes and putting it in your museum and locking them up for 5 years. You know, it doesn't make any sense when this kind of information should have been in the public realm. That was yeah, just referring to Obama taking up. Yeah, what was their justification for doing that? There wasn't a justification. And that's, I think that you have to look at things. We have a lot of content, but we also need to view that content and context. And that's what I think the liberals of progressives are very good is they corrupt the context of the content with quote fact

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