Dr. Keith Rose Describes the 'Rule of Exchange'


Let me just make sure I'm getting this straight, doctor Rhodes. Pfizer is basically saying, oh, these aren't, you know, this isn't real data and Marjorie Taylor Greene's full of it because, you know, we can't verify all of this. Isn't this the same excuse that those on the left used to debunk the VAERS data because they said they couldn't verify all the adverse events? Is this what's happening here? Right. You have to understand when you listen to the mainstream media or liberal progressives. I call it the rule of exchange. They exchange one set of data for another set of reasons. And they use it back and forth. A great example is the governor of your state Gavin Newsom, who is now trying to take the medical license from any physician they're pushing a bill right now at your state legislature to take the medical license from any position that quote promotes misinformation. And at the same time, Gavin Newsom, who locked down an entire state and is trying to force vaccines was out, I think it was 72 hours ago and his quote was where he's upset about roe versus wade. And he said, remember, my body, your body, your choice. So again, liberals use the slogans that fit their narrative. And if you say anything else, like you said, it's misinformation.

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