What Is the Poisition of a Trump Supporter on Russia & Ukraine?


So what is the position of a Trump supporter when it comes to Russia and Ukraine I said a Trump supporter not a Rand Paul supporter Not a J D Vance supporter A Trump supporter General Keith Kellogg who you've known you've seen him on life liberty and Levin and other programs And Fred flights Fred flights who served in the National Security Council under president Trump former CIA solid as a rock They penned a piece that is they wrote a piece and they said the following As former Trump administration national security officials who deeply believe in an America first approach to U.S. national security policy we've been on television almost every day discussing Russian president Vladimir Putin's brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine You can see how distinct this is From Rand Paul and JD Vance we have stated with urgency that the U.S. must support Ukraine with all the weaponry it needs to defend itself against Russia's completely unjustifiable invasion We have saluted the bold and heroic leadership of Ukrainian president Vladimir zelensky We have also repeatedly denounced Moscow's criticism of the zelensky as well as Putin's nonsensical claim that Russia invaded to fight Nazis Some have recently misrepresented the American first movement concerning the war in Ukraine and Putin For example in a Sunday Wall Street Journal op-ed Jeffrey Scott Shapiro alleged that the movement has taken a dangerous turn Claiming lead American firsters are parroting the Kremlin's narrative on the war in Ukraine And mistaken Putin for a strong nationalist leader like president Donald J Trump This is pure nonsense

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