Miss Kay Robertson Shares a Powerful Story About Her Husband Phil


Back. I'm talking to miss K Robertson and Lisa Roberts in the book his sister roar and miss K, you just said something. I know you told me this story before, but I can't believe it. You said that your husband Phil, the duck commander, he was so bad, this is it right at the beginning of your marriage, that he threw you and the kids out of the house. He needed some peace because you were nothing but trouble, obviously. Yes, because I was preaching at this at 27. I really, you know, my Jesus and lord of my life. Before I was a small kid, I didn't exactly know what it meant, but I became a Christian, and I just, you know, I tried to suddenly say thanks and not me, but that's what we got. I was being a holy role or something. He didn't like it. So that's when he put us out and I'll never forget it was a rainy night and I had a boat swag and man three little boys piled every time we could get in a Volkswagen and we went to his brother's house and I asked his brother we stay there because feel put us out and he said only one night, only one night you can stay and I was like, okay and then I said, mind if I only one night because I didn't think I'd ever done anything to offend you and he said, hey, it's not you at all. I'm scared to fail. That's what he said. I'm scared of him. So I said, okay, so I can to the present time we live in now and went to the church, the big church that we got to. And I just told him, I said, I need help, you know? And we got in a little apartment, it was paid by what you make. And I already made 250,000 a month. So that's all I had. And me and the boys, we just prayed for him every day, and they got on the bus, probably it's called the pink buses and if you invite the neighbors, like, come, so it really helped my kids with their loss of not having their daddy. But we prayed for him. We prayed for him and then quickly to end this. He came to my work at a lunchtime, and I was coming in from lunch and my girlfriend said, oh no, there's fail and he's lucky he's laying on his steering wheel. She said, what do you think? And I said, I don't know, but I've got to face it and she said, what if what if he's got a gun in his future? I said, well, you've been watching too much. But number two is, you just watch from here and make sure nothing happens to me. So I go out there and he had been crying, and I've never seen Phil cry. You know, big tough man. You know, cry. And so he said, I'm sorry. He said, I love my family. I can't live without my family. And I just can't eat, and I can't sleep, and he said, I want you. I want you back, and I'm sorry about what I did, all those ten years and I said, Bill, this was my heart was going about a hundred miles an hour. And I said, let me tell you something. You can't do it by yourself. You've said a hundred times you were going to quit. And you didn't. And he said, well, I need to talk to somebody, and I said, well, I've got somebody lined up. It was a preacher at the church where I went. And he had this one time in the beer joint. Phil's baby sits your body men there, and he talked to film 5th day. Have you ever been drunk? And I preacher said, yes, I have. He said, but not lightly, and he said, no Phil, not since I come to Jesus.

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